Thomas Browne – City East Rep – June Report

Hello Everybody,

June was as busy as it always is for me this year, with study, work, exam preparation and USASA commitments including it’s premier event finishing its campus tour at City East – Unitopia!

For those of you that haven’t been to a Unitopia yet, firstly you’re missing out, they are campus events focused on handling exam stress and relaxation techniques through a healthy dose of henna, massages, tea, smoothies, winter soup and toasties, chocolate meditation and small cuddly animals at the petting zoo. I was given the significant responsibility of managing the smoothie bike which saw me make a small plantations worth of banana smoothies . The event is always run fantastically well and this year was no exception, it was great to talk to the students and bring all of the USASA staff to our little campus, and I’m sure all of the students that made it into University in the last week of the semester to attend valued it as well.

I also continued my involvement in the development of the Student Engagement Framework, providing a student perspective in the update meetings with the University group tasked with developing the vision for UniSA’s future student engagement policies.

I have also been helping out at the Examinaid over the last few weeks, and although nobody can say they enjoy being at the showgrounds during Exam period at 7.30 am, I have been able to lend calculators at understandably stressed students, the jellybeans to a few diabetic students and even just a smile and a good luck to people just after a pen. It is a fantastic service that can be a huge help to a stressed student over the course of the entire exam period.




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