Carey Moore – USASA President – March, April & May Report

Hi everybody!

I am so sorry for not updating since forever! I have been flat-out busy and forgot about the blog.

So to catch you up, I am going to cheat and copy+paste my activity reports that I submitted to the board for each of the missing months. In my next entry (in the next week or so) I will offer a more personalised entry again. Let’s do this:


Board Member Activity Report – CAREY MOORE

Month of MARCH

Summary of activity

March was probably not my most productive or positive month. I lost a week due to a bad case of the flu (which happened to also be on the week that both the University Council and Academic Board met, as well as a couple of other meetings were scheduled – which meant I had to offer apologies for all of those things.)

Also interrupting were the March 14 public holiday and Easter. However, the month still had some productivity, as I managed to construct several reports, as well as volunteer for Clubs Fest and have a few important meetings.

I am not confident that much was achieved this month, as a lot of my available time was spent addressing a few issues that had arisen.


8/03/16 – Goal Setting Meeting With Izik Nehow

9/03/16 – Volunteered at Clubs Fest

Activities included information and promotion of the USASA Clubs system, serving ice creams and helping Club stall volunteers with information and support.

10/03/16 – Attended Finance Subcommittee meeting

10/03/16 – Attended Education and Welfare Subcommittee meeting

15/03/16 – Attended Election Regulations Subcommittee* meeting

*Now known as the Governance Subcommittee.

16/03/16 – 22/03/16 – Ill with the flu

Despite this, I did manage to do some report writing from my bed.

Recommendation: I write a strongly-worded letter to my immune system, requesting they don’t allow airborne viruses to incapacitate me so much in future.

23/03/16 – Meeting with Helene Egan (with Daniel Randell)

Met with Helene (and Daniel) to discuss student engagement frameworks and new online university feedback systems.

30/03/16 – Meeting with Diana Wong of IWDA (with Daniel Randell)

Met with Diana and Daniel to discuss an event being planned by IWDA for May and how USASA can be involved. On that topic, discussions have already also occurred between USASA Activities Coordinator, Tracy Fisher and IWDA representatives.


31/03/16 – Contacted USASA Counter Services Coordinator, Donna Aplin regarding volunteering at USASA counters etc.

I shall commence after the April teaching break.

1/03/16 – (With Nick Li) Met with Penny Moore (Director: Chancellery and Council Services)

Discussed Uni Jam and the University Council’s feedback to the report on the plans to change the USASA constitution.

Recommendations: 1. Nick and I brief the Governance Committee on the Council’s feedback to the report and everything raised. The subsequent board meeting can note them when noting the subcommittee minutes.

  1. Board members volunteer to participate in Uni Jam if they can. Daniel, Nick and I provide relevant information to the board members, outside of the board meeting.


Continuous activity

Preparation of activity report

Ongoing research on issues that affect the students

Reading reports on behalf of the University Council and USASA Board

General Management of board matters

Conducted investigation and wrote report for an in camera item

Wrote report for the University Council to note about the plans and tentative timetable of desired change of USASA constitution

Regular President and GM meetings with Daniel Randell


Next month’s planned activities

4/04/16 – 8/4/16 – Attending graduation ceremonies for Adelaide-based campuses.

15/04/16 – Travel to Whyalla to attend Whyalla Graduation ceremony.

19/04/16 – 20/04/16 – Travel to Mt. Gambier for Mt. Gambier Graduation ceremony, University Council Meeting (they’re being held at different locations throughout the year) and other business.

26/04/16 – Student Appeals Committee

TBA – Goal-setting meeting with Lisa Bennetts (in negotiation)

TBA – Goal-setting meeting with Luke Rogers (in negotiation)

Organise meetings (if just via phone/Skype) with two regional reps

Hopefully meet with Sophie Murray, Thomas Browne and Nick Li

Arrange for meeting with Judy Wang when she comes back to Adelaide


President’s Report – Carey Moore

Month of APRIL


Summary of Activity

April was a busy month for me. I spent a week at various graduations for many different disciplines. While the ceremonies were long (and the robes very hot), it was very inspiring to see so many students finally get their degrees or other honours. The month also had me make my first official visit to Whyalla campus and my second one to Mt. Gambier campus – both of which are important and the needs of the students thereof should not be ignored.

I have also been busy with some introspection and strategizing about what I would like to achieve with this role, as well as formulating a proposal for a governance model to be considered when discussing the future constitution.

As a change of policy, I shall also star all future reports and discuss the report with the board, to paint a better picture of what has been happening.


Selected Activities

4-8 April – Graduation Week (Metro campuses)

I attended graduations at the Adelaide Convention Centre for various disciplines at the metropolitan campuses. As stated above, it was a very inspiring experience to see students graduate and receive honours.

15 April – Whyalla Trip

My inaugural trip to Whyalla Campus. I was pleased to see the facilities that students there had and how innovative students and staff were with using them. However, I was disappointed to not get a chance to meet with most students (as most do not have classes on Friday.)

Activities at Whyalla include:

  • Presentation on the rural health department and the marketing of the program.
  • Campus tour
  • Graduation ceremony for Whyalla students

19-20 April – Mt. Gambier Trip

My second trip to Whyalla Campus. This time it was with the University, rather than USASA.

Activities at Mt. Gambier include:

  • Attended official launch of new building at Mt. Gambier campus. During the event, I also met with Tammy and introduced her to several high-ranking university figures and discussed student accessibility times.
  • Campus tour.
  • University Council Meeting.
  • Graduation ceremony for Mt. Gambier students

26 April – Student Appeals Board

The first Student Appeals Board met for the year. This is the last board of appeal a student has to internally reverse a decision made by the university (e.g. academic misconduct.) The experience has again highlighted the problematic issues that some students are facing against overly-vigilant academic staff and the importance of both advocates and student voices on various panels and boards.

Recommendation: ALL board members ensure they participate in formal inquires, preclusion hearings etc. as often as they can.

27 April – New Rep Induction

Participated in the induction of Joshua Schneider – the new City West Representative.

29 April – Mock Radio Interview

Aided a student who was doing a Radio Journalism assignment where she had to report a real story and interview a real person on the topic. The topic was on the lengthy delays that some students have had to endure, waiting for approval for Youth Allowance/Austudy and the effects it has on the student. While just a mock interview, it was great to discuss the issue and I feel it’s something that any affected UniSA students (or any student, period) should be given help and support with, if affected.


Continuous activity

Meetings with board members

Meetings with General Manager

Developing my own goals and strategies

Forming a proposal for the governance structure of USASA in the future


Next Month

4 May – Brekky Bar – Mawson Lakes

5 May & 16 May – Shortlisting and interviews panel for position of Director: Student Engagement

13 May – CEDA Higher Education Post-Budget Review Luncheon

19-20 May – UniJam


President’s Report – Carey Moore

Month of MAY


Summary of Activity

With the Federal Budget and Unijam both being held this month, May has been a very eventful month. It has also been a month when I have had to step up my media appearances.

On the budget, I have had the opportunity to participate in a joint press release (which I mentioned at the last meeting) as well as had the opportunity to hear from the Minister of Education and the VCs of SA universities.

However, as I am sure most are aware, Unijam was the big focus this month. It was a pleasure to be able to read so many constructive ideas for the future of the university, as well as ways which we can improve. There were also some eye-opening criticisms of USASA – raising concern that USASA still is not as visible as it should be, as well as people not understanding what student representatives do.

The other thing I want to highlight is my pride over the board starting to find its pulse and pursue important issues, as well as coming together to plan semester 2 student consultation sessions. I am confident that the mid-year strategy day will sharpen that focus.

Also, a lot of very positive signs from the Governance Committee, regarding the Constitutional discussions and a strong desire to radically change the focus of the document to something that can shape this organisation to truly meet the needs of modern students.

In the next three months, I would like to see the board getting out there and consulting, not just with their campuses, but also with specific cohorts and reflecting the feedback into policy ideas, so that we can truly start realising our collective vision.


Selected Activities

10 May – Batyr Presentation

With Daniel Randell, as well as various interested university staff, I watched the presentation for Batyr – a non-profit mental health group for students. The program looked very promising and it seemed everybody from the university was keen to work with them. Of course, the topic of cost and who will pay was bypassed, so that might be a barrier – otherwise, it looked promising.

12 May – Meeting with Cameron Petrie – NUS General Secretary

Cameron Petrie, the General Secretary for the National Union of Students came to the USASA office for a visit (from interstate) and we were joined by Izik Nehow and Nick Li. We discussed the shape of the organisation and what it does etc. He also discussed the NUS and trying to keep a warm, productive relationship with student associations/unions/guilds.

13 May – CEDA post-budget review luncheon

Attended luncheon with other University Council members that had Sen. Simon Birmingham – the Education Minister as a guest speaker, as well as a post-lunch Q&A panel with the three SA University Vice-Chancellors, as well as the head of TAFE SA.

The topic was the recent Federal Budget and, more specifically, education costs and the long-term outlook. While it was not as informative as I would’ve liked (Sen. Birmingham was playing the politician a little too strongly), it was informative to see the stark contrast between the attitudes of the different VCs when it comes to education and accessibility.

19-20 May – Unijam

As touched on earlier, it was very informative and full of great ideas that I will list in a separate report.

26 May – Meeting with Caleb Pattinson, FUSA President

The President of the Flinders University Student Association, Caleb Pattinson met with myself, Izik Nehow, Nick Li and Daniel Randell. We chatted about our respective organisations, the challenges we face, our respective relationship with our universities. Also, interestingly, FUSA are also undergoing a constitutional change, so we also discussed ideas from each organisation that might be of use to the other.

He has also extended the invite for us to visit him at Flinders – Date TBD.

27 May – Academic Board Meeting

31 May – 9 June Unitopia

Was scheduled for and participated in Mawson Lakes and Magill days. Plan to also participate in City West and City East (around appointments.)


Continuous activity

Meetings with board members

Meetings with General Manager

Developing my own goals and strategies

Meetings with PVC: Student Engagement and Equity

Business school timetable restructure committee meetings.

USASA Board subcommittee meetings


Next Month

3 June – Career Advisor Information Session Presentation

14 June – Student Appeals Board Meeting

16 June – University Council Meeting

22-25 June – Examin+aid

Again I apologise for the delay and thank you for your patience. In future, I will try to post on a more reliable schedule.

But for now… I’m going to catch up on sleep!


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