Valérie Baya – International student Rep – June Report

Hi everyone,

I know this is a very busy moment of the year, as many of you are busy and stress about the exams actually going on. For those who are already on holidays, and for those who will be done soon, HAPPY HOLIDAYS you all. Take that break to chill and relax before coming back the next semester very motivated.

Being myself a student, this month was very busy for me as I had my finals going on. It was hard to make myself available because of my busy schedule to work on my submissions and tutorials with the LTU or my lecturers. Hopefully, I could manage it.

So below is what I’ve been up to this June:

8 & 9 June- Unitopia city west and city east campus

It was my first time to be part of Unitopia. I really enjoyed being part of it and talking to the students. The events and marketing committee did a great job and I could hear some students saying they had fun.


I think it would be good that the marketing highlights more about the aims of Unitopia, as some students said they heard about the event but they do not know what it was about.

14 June- Board meeting

Before our monthly meeting, we were explained about our role for examin; what we have to do and how to reply the students if any questions are being asked to us.



20 June- meeting with the events and marketing committee

The meeting has been cancelled few hours before the meeting.


It would be good that we are informed of any cancellation before the meeting; days before instead of hours before.

20 June0 Examin shift

First day to be in charge of the USASA stall at the examination center. I had to guide the students about where their examination was, where to keep their bags, where to get water. Stationaries and jellybeans were distributed for free. I also helped the students to know more about their examination timetable by giving them USASA iPad for them to login their account.


Please, provide with a more powerful heater, mainly during the time of the year. The USASA table could be where the Uni of Adelaide table was. During my shift, it started raining, therefore it was colder as the table was not inside where Uni of Adelaide was among the cafeteria tables and chairs.

26 June- attending Iftar organized by Bangladesh society

My position as international student representative suits me so well. I love being exposed to a different culture. The food was delicious and it was nice to talk to the people who have been in Australia for few years. I could see how the Muslims break fast during Ramadan.


It would be good that the student representatives get more involved into cultural events, mainly when clubs take the initiative to invite them. Education is not only what we study at university, but it is also learning from different cultures and traditions.

Continuous activity

Still assisting the students as much as I could.

Next month’s planned activities

27 June- exams shift

5-8 July- attending CISA conference in Darwin

18 July- presentation during the international day during the O-week



One thought on “Valérie Baya – International student Rep – June Report

  1. tam2712 June 26, 2016 / 10:41 pm

    Hi Tegan, I am in mount gambier so I won’t be able to attend in adelaide and I have an intensive subject at Uni on which runs for this whole week. Kind regards Tammy ________________________________


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