Nick Li – Postgraduate Student Rep – May Report

Hey Guys,

Another month just passed and we are close to the end of a semester again. (P.S. that means you guys better study hard for the coming exam……which I have none!) (P.P.S And I have no life either….sigh…)

The RBA announced a cash rate cut to record low this month and this has a minor impact onto USASA finance. Thanks to Daniel Randell – our general manager as well as our financial advisor Nick Anderson, a meeting with NAB income and investment solution team with the finance committee was setup, and we  discussed on what solutions we may have. The outcome of that meeting was positive and informative, and we will continually looking for a solution to counter measure the impact.

On 19th- 20th May was the long awaited UniJam 2016 – a massive online conversation between students, staffs, alumni and honorable guests. From Vice-Chancellor report, it appears to be a great success with numerous ideas arise despite the structured discussion has fall apart as soon as the Jam started. I have involved mostly into the transform PhD conversation, and that was fun to directly interact with fellow postgraduate students, knowing what they really think and want, and I am really glad there are a lot of postgraduate students involved!

The president from Flinders University Student Association (FUSA) Caleb Pattinson was visiting USASA to have a general discussion with us. Our president – Carey Moore along with Izik Nehow, Daniel Randell and I was present and we had a 3 hours long discussion. One thing I got from Caleb – and that is what I have been looking for on how to achieved a closer postgraduate students community, is FUSA actually has a postgraduate subcommittee-like structure, which postgraduate representative from each school/division formed a committee to organize events and discuss issues regarding postgraduate students. I think that is a great idea to bring postgraduate students from different school together, and that may actually be something I can achieve in this term. Now I need to start asking around for contacts.

I wish you all good luck in the coming exams, and if you are doing revision in campus, don’t forget USASA event Unitopia – an on campus event for you to relax during the revision period, there will be pet zoo, massage and a lot of other activities to sooth your nerve, let you recharge so you can study more efficiently again!!

Click here to get more information regarding this event!


Nick (Ka Leung) Li


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