Izik Nehow & Lisa Bennetts – Mawson Lakes Reps – May Report

What did we get up to during May? 

May was an exciting month and one of our highlights was the Mawson Lakes Master Plan meeting. At this meeting we were involved in discussion with the university’s architectures and designers and we looked at the vision for Mawson Lakes campus. This was a really exciting opportunity because we were able to provide student feedback and student perspective on the campus layout and facilities now and what students want in the future – things like spaces for socials and clubs, more open study areas and a main gathering area. Student engagement, satisfaction, and inclusivity were key drivers behind all of the ideas and discussions for the campus. It will be exciting to see how our feedback comes out in the designs for the campus over the coming years.

We’ve had plenty of discussions with the Education & Welfare Committee and completed the “Food Truck Survey” to see how students are feeling about their food options on campus. This survey will be rolled out over the next few weeks across both Mawson Lakes and Magill campuses (a little tricky around exams but who doesn’t like talking about food?!).

We also attended “The Hunting Ground” screening as apart of the “Respect. Now. Always.” campaign. It was really great to see the University promoting awareness of sexual assault and harassment and showing support for victims. This campaign has encouraged the University to begin identifying flaws in staff procedures and changing processes for when a student needs to file a report/complaint to be clearer and easier. The evening concluded with a really informative panel discussion where Kayla (Magill Rep) was also a speaker.

Lastly, Lisa attended the Mawson Lakes UniTopia where she spent the day chatting to students and making smoothies. She may have snuck off to join in the festivities with some chocolate medication and was so impressed with how rejuvenating it was, so she hope everyone that came along got to try something new, snuggle some baby animals and relax!

Events & Meetings: 

  • 5/5/2016 – Student Feedback into Mawson Lakes Master Plan meeting with Joanne Camens (Lisa & Izik)
  • 9/5/2016 – USASA Board Meeting (Izik)
  • 9/5/2016 – USASA Annual General Meeting (Izik)
  • 24/5/2016 – Food Handling Course in Prep for UniTopia (Lisa)
  • 25/5/2016 – UniTopia pre-meeting (Lisa & Izik)
  • 25/5/2016 – Attended screening for The Hunting Ground followed by a Panel Discussion (Lisa & Izik)
  • 30/5/2016 – Education & Welfare Committee meeting (Lisa)
  • 30/5/2016 – Women’s Committee meeting (Lisa)
  • 31/5/2016 – Assisted at UniTopia (Lisa)
  • General postering for the Women’s Committee research (Lisa)
  • National Day of Action against cuts to education (Lisa & Izik)

What’s happening in June?

As pointed out earlier in the report, we’ll be rolling out our “Food Truck Survey” which will help build our case for food trucks for our suburban campuses – Mawson Lakes and Magill. We’ll also be working with the USASA Board to introduce more representative officers – a womens officer, a (dis)abilities officer, a persons of colour officer, and a queer officer. This is something we (Activate) ran on this during last years election because our university becomes a better place when we become more inclusive of other communities.

We will participate in Examin+Aid this exam period where we’ll be at your exams providing everything from pencils to calculators because, we know just as much as you that sometimes we forget to bring them along. Speaking of exams, we would both like to wish you all good luck and hope you pass all your exams (hopefully with HD’s but lets be real you’ve been slack this semester).

Upcoming Events & Meetings: 

  • Education & Welfare Committee Meeting (Lisa)
  • Women’s Committee Meeting (Lisa)
  • Finance Committee Meeting (Izik)
  • Governance Committee Meeting (Izik)
  • USASA Board Meeting (Lisa & Izik)
  • 28/6/2016 & 29/6/2016 – Examin+Aid (Lisa)
  • 21/6/2016 & 30/6/2016 – Examin+Aid  (Izik)
  • Ongoing meetings, blogging and report preparation
  • Exams (Cries)

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