Valérie Baya – International student Rep – May report

Hi everyone,

So  I would like to challenge myself my making this report short and concise as possible, based on what i have been up to for May

May event

3, 4 and 5 May- Formal inquiries

I am surprised that all the formal inquiries or academic review I went to, the students were all international students. This is something I would like to highlight during the O-week for SP5.

3 May- Meeting with Judy (city west representative)

We met to discuss about how to increase working placement among the international students.

4 May- meeting with the international sub-committee

We basically introduced ourselves and discussed about that every club was doing and how we could assist each other.

5 May- CBDA career expo

I tried getting as many contact as possible from the different companies, which I uploaded on the international Facebook page. hopefully, the international students would be able to approach these companies and apply for working placement.

9 May- event and marketing committee

The meeting was to discuss about Unitopia and O-week.

18 May- LAE international education

Meeting with Andreina, international agent for LAE. The meeting took place at the University of Adelaide. She introduced her agency and ask for our help to promote it among UniSA students.

19 May- UniJam

Awesome experience sharing with the students and external guests. Students could share ideas or their issues which were heard at least. My topic was: our position in the international student market, new models for transnational delivery and collaborations with China and across Asia.

20 May- interview with David, student in journalism

We met at Magill campus where the interview took place. It was mainly about my position as USASA board and president of the African society.

27 May- meeting with the President of CISA

The meeting took place at Flinders university with the international student rep of Flinders and the president of CISA. The meeting was mostly about the upcoming conference in July


8 June- UniTopia at city west campus

9 June- UniTopia at city east campus

14 June- USASA board meeting

20 June- meeting with the events and marketing committee + exams shift

27 June- exams shift





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