Jue Wang – City West Rep – May Report

Hello everyone, this month we get a new city west student rep Josh. Big welcome to him and if anyone get some problems please do not feel hesitate to ask him.

At this May, I am joining in many activities hold on in City West campus. Many clubs and associations held some successful events to all the students. I am so glad to see this and i will fully support every clubs to hold more activities to students and enjoy the multi-cultural environment.

This month activities:

3rd of May-Meet with Claire Valerie 

Discussion international students committee and international student issues. We focus on the international students’ trouble in job seeking and study problems, and try to figure out how to solve these problems in order to building a better study environment for students.

4th of May- International student committee meeting 

Meet with international student committees and discuss international clubs association corporation in sharing events schedule each clubs set up and promotion each other.

5th of May- CBDA Unicareer Expo

Attend to the Unicareer Expo held at City West Campus JS building ground floor. I am glad to see many Chinese students join and there are 12 companies’ managers attend this events. Career Service manager also attend this events and introduce some services university provide to international students. This will be a exciting events i attend to see most of students wear suit and be professional with their resume to meet their future boss. However, i will still focus on the issue with job seeking students and seek more business internship opportunities to all the students.

5th of May- Meet with Tegan talk about the club issues

Some club organizers get some issues in running a club, ask some questions to Tegan and try to help club organizers to run club easily.

7th of May- Attend events to meet Kevin, the president of Flinders University Chinese student Association  

Building the relationship with Flinders university and cooperate the activities between flinders university and UniSA.

9th of May- Marketing & Event Committee Meeting

Unitopia: activities schedule organized and make sure some details.

Exam-Aid: planning the schedule and organize everyone’s position.

Band Competition: discuss Location, Time, Set up and few details still need confirm.

9th of May-USASA Meeting and USASA AGM

Recommendation with the AGM, it is important to ask more students to attend AGM and let more students understand what USASA doing and what we represent.

19th & 20th of May-UniJam

Attend to the UniJam in City West, free pizza “rob”in 10 mins. Amazing events held very success in University.

20th of May-Career Seeking in UniAdelaide 

Attend Career Seeking event held in UniAdelaide, it can be realize that every university notice the job seeking issue is one of the most important issues for students. Learning and studying the career seeking information and event organize from UniAdelaide.

24th of May- Shandong Education Department visit UniSA

Introduce the City West Campus facilities, Business School information, Chinese students study situation, UniSA study environment for Chinese students, and Chinese student Association in UniSA.

25th of May- Unitopia Briefing Session

Tracy distributed everyone’s position and explained how each parts works.

Please join the Unitopia and feel the amazing day in many exciting events!!!

25th of May- Henan International group visit UniSA

Introduce the City West Campus, answer the courses questions, Chinese students living and studying in Adelaide, introduce UniSA Chinese student Association, USASA service provide and answer the questions for the group.

31st of May-Happy New Year movie night in City West Campus

Flinders University students filming “Happy New Year” movie and release at ground floor JS building City West Campus UniSA.

1st of June- International student Committee

Discuss international orientation day speech, which focus on international students first time attend to school what should they notice and how they get help from USASA.

I feel SO BUSY in this month, but i am really enjoy in helping students and attending as many activities as i can to learn more in events organization and focus on the Career services to all students. 

Next month:

8th of June- Unitopia in City West

10th of June-HanyuQiao speech in UniAdelaide

14th of June- USASA Board Meeting

14th of June- Career Service Meeting with Daniel and Demi

20th of June- Marketing & Event Committee Meeting

21st of June- Examin+Aid



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