Joshua Schneider – City West Rep – May Report

Month of May

I’d firstly like to start off by thanking everyone at USASA and the other board members for the warm welcome into the position of City West Campus Student Rep. May definitely has been a busy month, with trying to settle into and find my place in this role amongst studying and the 101 assignments that seemed to be due, I’m sure most of you can relate to that. Since stepping into this role, and being inducted one of the key services USASA provides that is essential for students, yet is often not known about is USASA’s advocacy services.

Talking to a lot of students to begin with, I heard quite often that they didn’t know who their campus representative was. I’ve found so far in my time as a representative for City West, that I haven’t been approached by email that often for problems or help from USASA regarding matters. Reflecting on this, it could be a combination of two things: either students aren’t experiencing many problems or encountering enquiries (which is a good thing) or our visibility as campus representatives and how to get in contact with us is below par.  I believe we are beginning a roll out of student representative posters, which I think will greatly increase visibility. I’ll be further consulting with students on their views of USASA’s student reps and how they best believe we can be more engaging and visible.

I look forward to speaking and hearing from many of you but in the meantime all the best with your exams.
Kind Regards,

Joshua Schneider

Notable Events

19/05/16 – Uni Jam

I had the pleasure of being invited to participate in Uni Jam as a guest for the student experience topic. It was highly intriguing to see some of the ideas being generated by such a large discussion on the matter. I’m looking forward to seeing the finalised key points and ideas that emerge from this Uni Jam. I’d highly encourage students, USASA staff and board members to follow along with the results of Uni Jam.

24/05/16 – It/Library Services consultation

I was invited to speak with an It/Library services consultation team. I felt this was an important time to voice the concerns of students regarding I.T. services on campus. One such problem has been the availability of programs on computers, with it significantly impacting on students and their work.
Continuous activity

Preparation of activity report

Continuing member of the Student Experience Framework for highly engaged students

  • It’s been interesting to explore the idea of student’s experience at UniSA from application to graduation. Working alongside fellow students, we have helped developed and create a student experience framework for the university.


Next month’s planned activities

08/06/16 – Unitopia

14/06/16 – USASA Board meeting

20-30/06/16 – ExaminAid



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