June News – Whyalla Campus

Highlight for the month was planting 25 trees celebrating 25 years of learning at the Whyalla Campus. The trees were planted in one long line linking the campus and the student village. Thank you to the following;

Mum and Dad, Riley, Eden, Michelle & Andy Fay, Shirley Curtis, Kirsty and Noah Arbuckle, Riley Allen-Jones, Melanie Smith, Troy Williams, Alexander Robinson, Mitch Wilson, Sandy Darby, Tracy Robertson, Natalie Williams, Sam Bourne, Ben Freeman, Daniel Randell, Carey Moore, Nick Li, Valerie Baya, Luke Rogers, Jue Wang, Lisa Bennetts, Izik Nehow, Christopher Ghan, Kayla Dickeson, Tammy Masters, Mark Meegan.

Another great event for the month was UniTopia held on Wednesday 1st June. This was the first time UniTopia was held at our campus. The massage room was busy and it was great to see the student lounge buzzing. There will be another UniTopia later in year so keep an eye out. Thank you to Michelle Fay for all her assistance.

For now, it is a matter of hitting the books and finishing off assignments and studying for exams for all students. It is a hectic period of the semester so keep working hard, so close to mid semester break now. After the break we have got some great activities planned when most students are on campus.

Join the UniSA Whyalla Campus Facebook site where you’ll see all our events and activities.

Contact me anytime with any queries, feedback or suggestions.


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