Postgraduate Student Rep April Report

April is the best month of the year in my opinion, not only because of those public holidays that I can also be benefited to as a PhD student, but because of the change in weather – I hate really hot weather.

April is yet another busy month for me, but certainly a joyful one … well at least for those who are graduating! I have attended two graduation ceremonies in City and one in Mount Gambier as University Council member, and I have to admit I thought it will be boring – as I am not the one to be awarded but I was really joyful for graduates under the stage, I feel happy for them to celebrate their success for finishing their studies and seeing all their family and friends cheering and supporting them the whole made me feel warm despite the cool weather.

One of the highlight in April is the University Council trip to Mount Gambier. It was not only for the Council meeting but for the graduation ceremony mentioned above as well as to celebrate the official launch of the Learning Center in Mount Gambier campus. It is truly a state of the art building and there are more features than a pocket knife packed in one building – its design is sleek and modern and flexible in its function, even though our Mount Gambier representative has already received some minor complains regarding the noise in the building because of the open plan design, the general feedbacks from both staffs, students and community members are widely positive to the new building. No doubt it will greatly enhance the learning experience to our regional students and assist them in their years of studies to come.

This Council meeting were mainly reports from different committees and I am happy to hear that UniSA has done really well in academic ranking, it reflects the university has put a lot of effort in improving the programme and syllabus designs, and that directly benefit to us as students of UniSA, because that reflect the quality of education we received and will be looked upon more seriously in the future by the society including any potential employers.

Carey and I has also has a meeting with Dr. Penny Moore discussing about the UniJam 2016, for those who still don’t know UniJam is, it is a massive online conversation/discussion that will be carried day and night for 2 days on 19-20/5 next week! and by massive – I meant MASSIVE!! not only there will be staffs, students and alumnus involved, but so very honourable guests including Federal Minister for Higher Education: Simon Birmingham and the UniSA Chancellor: Jim McDowell will be there as well to discuss different areas regarding the future of UniSA. It is a great chance for you to contribute to the development of the University you study in and how cool is that? With the innovative web platform designed by IBM you can write, draw, speak and share it with everyone else during the conversation. I strongly recommend all the students to choose a topic you are interested in and participate in this event.

You can find more information and register using the link below.

I know this report has been a bit overdue, but the up side is you will hear from me again soon enough for my May report (if I don’t delay that like this one).



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