Board Report – April

Hello Everybody!

April was quite a busy month for me as I got stuck into all of the responsibilities and opportunities to represent the student body as a USASA representative!

One way in which us as USASA representatives can represent students is on a more individual level is to sit on the Academic Review Panels as they deliberate the cases put to them, in this case the School of Health Sciences at the City East Campus. I have been fortunate enough to not have any dealings with these panels during my time at the University, but I was impressed by the professionalism and compassion that the panels gave to all the cases put in front of them over the series of meetings. I’m not sure how I imagined the process of preclusion from the University before the meeting, but it is certainly not a cold computer that precludes students with no thought for their circumstances as I guess some people might picture it.

Whilst all information reviewed on the panels is strictly confidential, if I could offer any advice I would strongly encourage anybody who is put in a position where they may have to appeal a preclusion to seek out the USASA Student Advocates, who do a wonderful job of advising, representing and counseling any students who find themselves in that situation.

Another board on which I represented USASA and the student body as a whole was the Student Engagement Framework committee, which was a very interesting experience observing how the University seeks to engage their students and get their feedback and how they take that information and apply it to their future plans. It all seemed very exciting and it will be fantastic to see how the University adapts and evolves with its cohort over the upcoming years.

I also attended the USASA Clubs Committee ‘How to’ session and networking event at the end of April, which I think was a big success. It is the USASA Club Committee’s aim to bring the various UniSA clubs together to exchange ideas and help each other, and through the promise of free pizza and information on how to apply for grants for future club events, we were able to achieve that. I hope we can continue to build on this momentum for the rest of the year!

Anyway that was my April, I hope all of yours wasn’t quite so busy!





  • 04/04/2016 –Academic Review Preliminary Meeting
  • 11/04/2016 – Student Engagement Framework Meeting
  • 11/04/2016 – USASA Board Meeting
  • 15/04/2016 – Academic Review Appeals Interview
  • 27/04/2016 – USASA Clubs Committee ‘How to’ session and networking event


Other and Continuing Activity:

  • Activity Report and Blog Preparation
  • Clubs Committee Research and Preparation

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