Mawson Lakes Rep Report April

Lisa Bennetts – Month of April

What have I been up to?

As apart of my involvement with the National Union of Students, this month I was involved in the National Day of Action to voice my opinion on proposed education cuts. It was a really successful demonstration in Adelaide, with many people involved, which really helped to encourage more discussion on this topic within the community.

Events & Meetings:

  • 7/4/2016 – Education & Welfare Committee Meeting
  • 6/4/2016 – NDA
  • 11/4/2016 – USASA Board Meeting

What’s happening in April?

This month I’ll involve the Education & Welfare Committee in my project to provide more food options on potentially both Mawson Lakes and Magill campuses. Essentially we just have to work out the best way to get you all involved with my survey so we can move forward.

Izik and I have been invited to attend the Mawson Lakes Master Plan meeting where we get to look at the future of our campus and provide student input for developments.

TBC, but I intend on holding an open meeting for students on campus also. The purpose of this will be so students have a better platform to come discuss any issues or suggestions they would like to bring to the attention of their representatives and USASA. Even if you just want to come and say hello, we don’t bite. Date and time will be released shortly, but contact is always welcome

Upcoming Events & Meetings:

  • 4/5/2016 – Education & Welfare Committee Meeting
  • 5/5/2016 – Finance Committee Meeting
  • 5/5/2016 – Student Feedback into Mawson Lakes Master Plan meeting with Joanne Camens
  • 9/5/2016USASA Board Meeting
  • 9/5/2016 – USASA Annual General Meeting
  • TBC – Goal Setting Meeting with Daniel & Carey
  • TBC – Women’s Committee Meeting
  • Ongoing meeting, blog and report preparation

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