City East Rep Report – April

This month unfortunately I have not been able to get as much done for the board as I would have liked. This is due however to my coursework in Vietnam, which was a great experience! I was given the opportunity to go to Hue with 15 other students from the Natural and Built Environments School in order to represent the university and do some great research in a world heritage site with some awesome local students! I would highly recommend that if you ever have chance to go overseas with your course then you should do what you can to take it, it’s a great way to learn.

As for Board activity I was unable to attend the board meeting sadly, which based on what I read in the minutes means I missed out on some important discussion. I will however will be back this month to catch up on on the Board and committee activities. As much as I loved Vietnam it is really good to get back on campus!

I was able to get back for the Womens Committee Meeting in which we were able to go through some of the work that is going and will be going on for female identifying students throughout Uni SA. Keep an eye out for posters and other material from the national Respect. Now. Always. campaign as well as some of us on campus collecting surveys regarding the experiences of female identifying students at the uni. Also make sure you come to the screening of The Hunting Ground, a documentary on rape and sexual assault in colleges in the US. It’s a really powerful and important film!

Other than that I have also had a meeting with some post-graduate students about some issues that they are having with their school at City East. This meeting was just preliminary but was concerning, however due to the sensitive nature it’s not something I can discuss here.

Look forward to seeing you all back around City East and hope you’ve had a fun and productive study break!


Recent Activity 

24/4 – Women’s Committee Meeting

27/4 – Meeting with post graduate students about concerns

Next Months Planned Activity

Goals meeting with Carey

Clubs committee meeting

Womens committee meeting

Administering female student experiences survey

Attending Hunting Ground screening

Governance committee meeting

Academic Board Meeting

UniJam hosting




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