April International Rep Report

This month was quiet for me, as I did not had to attend more than one meeting nearly every day. I was looking forward the semester break, but unfortunately I still had to go to university to work on the projects for the international students. Below are few details of what I did in April.


11/04/16 – Marketing & events committee meeting

We were only 4 people attending the meeting which was to discuss about Unitopia. Great ideas which I am looking forward.


I think it would be good people confirm they are coming or not. Due to low attendance, the meeting did not went more into details as it had to be reschedule. Tracy told me what it was about and I gave her few ideas of the programs which could be run.


18/04/16 – Attended Academic Review meeting

I attended the academic review meeting which went well as usual. I was glad that the people were very comprehensive and did not took a harsh decision towards the student.


I do not have any recommendation. It would be good that the student has time to express herself and that the board listen and understand.


19/04/16 – Meeting with international representative of South Australia

Some international students expressed the wish of connecting with other international students from the 2 other universities including Flinders and university of Adelaide. Sadly the international student representative had to cancel her participation the last meeting due to some health issues. I met Prash who is the international officer of Flinders University. He said what he was doing at Flinders and we both shared ideas. I told him what the meeting was about. He agreed to connect our international students. Therefore, we discussed about different ways of doing so. Most of them were about organising events. Our first event would be a street soccer. I proposed that it should happen on George Street at city west campus, as USASA proposed to borrow free BBQ headline, bean bags, and marquis. I informed both Sissi and Prash and I am actually waiting for their reply.


I will recommend that every year, there should be more collaborations among all international student representatives of South Australia.


22/04/16 – Meeting with Nina, President of CISA (council of international students Australia)

The meeting happened at Flinders university with me, Prash and Nina. She explained what CISA does for the international students of Australia. Prash and I expressed that CISA does nothing for our international students in South Australia. We even shared issues which our students are facing at university and in Adelaide. We talked about the upcoming CISA conference happening in July and she explained about the positions which would be available for the AGM.


I was not informed about Nina’s venue by USASA. Nina said they sent request but I am not sure if USASA received it. Hopefully I met Prash earlier that week who invited me to the meeting with her.


Continuous activity

Collecting all information regarding accommodation. Once done, I will forward the information to the international students

Emailing all the schools to know more about their internship programs.

Planning an event with international students, for the career services to inform them about the different services and how helpful they are for students looking for working placement, as many of them are unaware about the services. It would be a good opportunity for them to ask questions as well.

Fixing a date for the street soccer with the universities of South Australia, to encourage the international students connecting with other universities.


Next month’s planned activities

02/04/16- meeting with Judy to know more about helping international students finding internship placement.

03/04/16- formal inquiry

04/04/16- formal inquiry

06/04/16- formal inquiry

09/04/16- USASA AGM

19/04/16- UniJam


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