April-City West Report

My apology for I am behind in this month and in communication regarding the board work because I am out of Australia. However, from next month I will put myself more into the Board and all events. I will attend more events and meetings in the following month. I always receive some suggestions from clubs’ questions and I will work out this part and discuss with USASA club manager in order to helping club organizer solve the problems and let them know each other.

Welcome for more students to email me to discuss any problems they meet in University especially in City West Campus.


According to the clubs’ issues, i will talk with clubs’ organizers to collect their issues and discuss with club manager Tracy in this month.


Next month’s planned activities

02/05/2016 – International student issues in career with Valerie

09/05/2016 – Marketing & Events Committee Meeting

09/05/2016 – Board Meeting & USASA AGM

19/05/2016  – UniJam hosts

Meet with Carey to review my KPI’s and talk with my project in the following months.





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