Postgraduate Student Rep April Report

April is the best month of the year in my opinion, not only because of those public holidays that I can also be benefited to as a PhD student, but because of the change in weather – I hate really hot weather.

April is yet another busy month for me, but certainly a joyful one … well at least for those who are graduating! I have attended two graduation ceremonies in City and one in Mount Gambier as University Council member, and I have to admit I thought it will be boring – as I am not the one to be awarded but I was really joyful for graduates under the stage, I feel happy for them to celebrate their success for finishing their studies and seeing all their family and friends cheering and supporting them the whole made me feel warm despite the cool weather.

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Board Report – April

Hello Everybody!

April was quite a busy month for me as I got stuck into all of the responsibilities and opportunities to represent the student body as a USASA representative!

One way in which us as USASA representatives can represent students is on a more individual level is to sit on the Academic Review Panels as they deliberate the cases put to them, in this case the School of Health Sciences at the City East Campus. I have been fortunate enough to not have any dealings with these panels during my time at the University, but I was impressed by the professionalism and compassion that the panels gave to all the cases put in front of them over the series of meetings. I’m not sure how I imagined the process of preclusion from the University before the meeting, but it is certainly not a cold computer that precludes students with no thought for their circumstances as I guess some people might picture it.

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Mawson Lakes Rep Report April

Lisa Bennetts – Month of April

What have I been up to?

As apart of my involvement with the National Union of Students, this month I was involved in the National Day of Action to voice my opinion on proposed education cuts. It was a really successful demonstration in Adelaide, with many people involved, which really helped to encourage more discussion on this topic within the community.

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City East Rep Report – April

This month unfortunately I have not been able to get as much done for the board as I would have liked. This is due however to my coursework in Vietnam, which was a great experience! I was given the opportunity to go to Hue with 15 other students from the Natural and Built Environments School in order to represent the university and do some great research in a world heritage site with some awesome local students! I would highly recommend that if you ever have chance to go overseas with your course then you should do what you can to take it, it’s a great way to learn.

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April-City West Report

My apology for I am behind in this month and in communication regarding the board work because I am out of Australia. However, from next month I will put myself more into the Board and all events. I will attend more events and meetings in the following month. I always receive some suggestions from clubs’ questions and I will work out this part and discuss with USASA club manager in order to helping club organizer solve the problems and let them know each other.

Welcome for more students to email me to discuss any problems they meet in University especially in City West Campus.


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April International Rep Report

This month was quiet for me, as I did not had to attend more than one meeting nearly every day. I was looking forward the semester break, but unfortunately I still had to go to university to work on the projects for the international students. Below are few details of what I did in April.

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