May News – Whyalla

Quick Recap on April

  • Body Combat 2 was held on Wednesday 6th April
  • Regional student focus group was held on 19th April with student representatives volunteering three hours of their time to provide the Student Engagement Unit with ideas how to improve Student Experience.
  • Great result for Carly Whitaker who received a mini iPad after winning the pass the parcel at the 25th Birthday Celebrations held in March. After viewing pictures on Facebook and seeing metro students winning different prizes to Whyalla, USASA advocated for Whyalla to have the same benefits as metro campuses.
  • Whyalla City Council kindly donated $500 for a suggested running track at the rear of the Campus.
  • Brekky Bar on the 27th & 28th April

What’s On in May?

  • After months of planning and generous support from the USASA Board I am happy to announce we will be planting 25 trees between the Whyalla Campus and Student Accommodation on the 11th May, 2016. The type of tree can be found here; Student volunteers will be assisting with digging, planting, collecting and spreading mulch. It is anticipated the job will take about four hours between 8am-12pm finishing with a bbq.
  • Body Combat on the 4th and 18th
  • Preparations for UniTopia
  • Participate in Unijam

Down the Track

  • The bus has been confirmed for the Colour Run in Adelaide later in the year, so if you want to confirm your place on the bus, buy your Colour Run ticket, email me or Michelle with your receipt and get a free return trip to Adelaide, only 20 seats available.

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