City West March Activity Report- Jue Wang

This month is a beginning for many new students in all campus. Students want to learn and know more about school facilities and courses issue. USASA also need to promote ourselves to students to understand how we are existing and what we are doing for students. During ClubsFest, it is a good opportunity for students to know there are a lot of different kinds of club in UniSA under USASA and it also helps many clubs to promote themselves and attract new students to join their clubs.


In the ClubsFest, I help USASA stall to serve the free ice-creams to students, introduce club lists to students, and help them to find out what they are interested in and which kind of club belong to them. During this events, really helpful to the clubs to promote themselves and have more new members to join in, in order to make their student life more colorful. For students, this is a good chance for them to make new friends and be a part of clubs to train them to provide more interesting events to other students.


Next ClubsFest can provide more interest games to make students enjoy and it can be push more clubs to join ClubsFest.


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