Mawson Lakes March Activity Report

Hey all!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter break and are feeling somewhat refreshed after a busy month. If not, you’ll find solace in the fact we only have a week to go until the 2 week break. But in the meantime I hope you’ve all been smashing your studies!

I’m still in denial March has been and gone but I know I’m not alone when I say this. The first few weeks of class are usually a bit clumsy and disorganised (for me anyway) despite the best of intentions to get off to a good start and I’m fairly sure I’m not the only one. Somehow between all the commotion of falling back into routine, the time just slips away and all those once distant due dates begin to loom. Lucky for us, UniSA has plenty of free workshops still running to provide strategies for improving concentration, motivation, time management & wellbeing. I plan on taking advantage of a few upcoming workshops to help get my time management back on track, if there’s still hope for me.

What have I been up to in March?

My activities have been steady this month as I’ve taken some time to settle into my second year and keep up with so many commitments. I was able to attend my first Formal Inquiry at City West and it was a really interesting experience and somewhat educational. The circumstances are usually quite serious so it’s certainly not fun, but it’s still so important a Student Representative is present to provide an opinion as a fellow peer. I hope to be involved in as many inquiries as I’m able to throughout the year, but definitely wouldn’t recommend being the interviewee.

I’ve prepared a survey and begun an agenda in support of the “food on campus” project Izik and I are trying to get together for Mawson Lakes and Magill. Business listing has begun and once we have evidence from students supporting and contributing preferences to the idea, we will have a clearer of what we need to look for. This consult should begin right after the break.

What’s happening in April?

At this stage I only have committee meetings scheduled as well as a goal setting meeting with Daniel and Carey. Izik and I will spend some time in the holidays finalising our plans for the survey and how we are going to roll it out on campus. Hopefully I’m able to attend a few of the workshops this month too, as the tools would be really valuable within my role as Student Representative as well as my studies.


Events & Meetings:

  • 10/3/2016 – Finance Committee Meeting
  • 15/3/2016 – Formal Inquiry at City West
  • 15/3/2016 – USASA Board Meeting 
  • Womens Committee Meeting


Upcoming Events & Meetings:

  • 7/4/2016 – Education & Welfare Committee Meeting
  • 11/4/2016 – USASA Board Meeting
  • TBC – Womens Committee Meeting
  • TBC – Finance Committee Meeting
  • TBC – Goal Setting Meeting with Daniel & Carey


Ongoing Activities:

  • Blog, meeting preparation and Activity Reports



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