International student rep.- March report

What a long month; I had to juggle between my classes, meetings, assignments and my personal life. For two day, I had to attend consecutive meetings, one after each other, without any break. The good thing was that food was provided. These meetings were about my projects as USASA international student rep. I met with the accommodation and career services. The outcomes were not what I expected, as the changes are very hard to do as they regard the government policies or the different school programs. Many students are unware about their services, and that is the reason for which they struggle a lot with finding cheaper accommodation or working placement. After the meetings, I decided that the best ways would be to bring the information to the international students. This would be done with the help of the different clubs, to share the information with their members.

Accommodation Services
During a meeting with a representative of the accommodation services, we discussed about the different complaints regarding accommodation issues faced by international students, mainly the price and availability. Many services are provided but the international students are un-aware of them. I will collect all the information given and forward it to international students.

Student engagement and equity (focus group)
Some student leader were present to share many issues being faced by students on campus. It was a productive meeting for me, as some international students raised issues they face or what they would have liked to see on campus. Most of their issues raised were what I am already working on, but the only thing was new was their wish to connect more with international students from other universities. I already emailed the international student representative/officer from University of Adelaide and Flinders University. I am still waiting for their reply, as I would like 3 of us to meet and see how we can collaborate to bring our students together.

Internship placements
I had a meeting with the career services to discuss about the issues many students are facing as international students. I shared with him that some are being refused a work placement due to their nationality though they have an excellent CV or they go out of state for their internship which costs a lot as they still have to pay for their accommodation in Adelaide. He told me that some programs have internship placement, having their own placement program. The outcome was that I should contact all the school to investigate more. We also agreed of having an information session, as many international students are not aware about how useful the career services are, as they already have contacts with other companies looking for internees.

Continuous activity

  • Collecting all information regarding accommodation. Once done, I will forward the information to the international students
  • Emailing all the schools to know more about their internship programs.
  • Planning an event with international students, for the career services to inform them about the different services and how helpful they are for students looking for working placement, as many of them are unaware about the services. It would be a good opportunity for them to ask questions as well.

Next month’s planned activities
To attend the Brekky bar at city west and city east, to have a chat with the students.


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