May News – Whyalla

Quick Recap on April

  • Body Combat 2 was held on Wednesday 6th April
  • Regional student focus group was held on 19th April with student representatives volunteering three hours of their time to provide the Student Engagement Unit with ideas how to improve Student Experience.
  • Great result for Carly Whitaker who received a mini iPad after winning the pass the parcel at the 25th Birthday Celebrations held in March. After viewing pictures on Facebook and seeing metro students winning different prizes to Whyalla, USASA advocated for Whyalla to have the same benefits as metro campuses.
  • Whyalla City Council kindly donated $500 for a suggested running track at the rear of the Campus.
  • Brekky Bar on the 27th & 28th April

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander March Activity Report- Sophie Murray

Here we are! Some of us are finishing up SP1 and about to start SP3 while others are not too far off the SP2 study break and half way point. So, how are we all tracking?

By this point in the year you will have a fair idea of how you are coping with your study load and external commitments such as work, sport and family. You’re probably all crushing it but if you are unsure, fear not!


After having a big first quarter myself I have decided to dedicate this blog to the support services which are here to help.

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City West March Activity Report- Jue Wang

This month is a beginning for many new students in all campus. Students want to learn and know more about school facilities and courses issue. USASA also need to promote ourselves to students to understand how we are existing and what we are doing for students. During ClubsFest, it is a good opportunity for students to know there are a lot of different kinds of club in UniSA under USASA and it also helps many clubs to promote themselves and attract new students to join their clubs.

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Mawson Lakes March Activity Report

Hey all!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter break and are feeling somewhat refreshed after a busy month. If not, you’ll find solace in the fact we only have a week to go until the 2 week break. But in the meantime I hope you’ve all been smashing your studies!

I’m still in denial March has been and gone but I know I’m not alone when I say this. The first few weeks of class are usually a bit clumsy and disorganised (for me anyway) despite the best of intentions to get off to a good start and I’m fairly sure I’m not the only one. Somehow between all the commotion of falling back into routine, the time just slips away and all those once distant due dates begin to loom. Lucky for us, UniSA has plenty of free workshops still running to provide strategies for improving concentration, motivation, time management & wellbeing. I plan on taking advantage of a few upcoming workshops to help get my time management back on track, if there’s still hope for me.

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March City East Activity Report

Hello Everybody!

This marks the first of my monthly reports since getting tapped on the shoulder to fill the position of City East USASA Representative, so here goes! March was quite a short month for me as I only really joined the committee halfway through the month at my first meeting, so the remaining few weeks saw me try to figure out how everything works and to try to hit the ground running in my new role!

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International student rep.- March report

What a long month; I had to juggle between my classes, meetings, assignments and my personal life. For two day, I had to attend consecutive meetings, one after each other, without any break. The good thing was that food was provided. These meetings were about my projects as USASA international student rep. I met with the accommodation and career services. The outcomes were not what I expected, as the changes are very hard to do as they regard the government policies or the different school programs. Many students are unware about their services, and that is the reason for which they struggle a lot with finding cheaper accommodation or working placement. After the meetings, I decided that the best ways would be to bring the information to the international students. This would be done with the help of the different clubs, to share the information with their members.

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April Report – Whyalla Campus


Another terrific month of activities for Whyalla Students including;

  • Body Combat 1 at YMCA
  • Meet the Tenants BBQ at the Student Village and,
  • Pt Lowly Getaway over the weekend


To date, I have attended every USASA board meeting in person and represented Whyalla Students. I have submitted the following agenda items;

  • Trees to be planted between the University and Student Accommodation at Whyalla Campus – Funding APPROVED by USASA Board.
  • Whyalla to be included for UniTopia Events, Wall Planner and Diary – APPROVED.
  • Memorial seating to be installed at Whyalla and funded by USASA – DEFEATED.

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