Postgraduate Student Rep March Report

Time flies and a month has nearly passed since university started. It doesn’t affect me that much because as a PhD student I work like a full time staff in the office and the lab, which also means…… I am a cheap labour with no life (sigh!). All the joke aside, it was personally a busy month for me as I got a lot to catch up after coming back from my annual leave, and I attended two conferences in Queensland this month, with my first oral presentation in a national conference!

However, there are more responsibilities than just my role as a PhD student, but as representative for fellow UniSA postgraduate students.

I have attended several USASA related meeting, including Finance, Election Regulation and Constitution Committee (which will be renamed to Governance Committee) and the USASA board meeting. All these meeting were constructive with valuable discussion and feedback from different members, which again further define and shape what USASA is and how the current constitution should be modified to meet our identity as student association.

Following up on my last report, I have met with Sunny and Lucie from the UniSA postgraduate society (UPS) along with Joe from Adelaide University Postgraduate Society (AUPS). It was great speaking with them and knowing UPS is actively organising socialising events for their members, as well as looking for more members from business sector. They had a social event on Good Friday in PJ O’Brien just the corner of north east side of the city, you can find more activities coming from this club on their Facebook page.

Sunny and Lucie also mentioned the club even though focus on business postgraduate students, they love to have students from other faculty with a business mind to join their activities and club! You can find more information about UPS and their upcoming event below.

In the other hand, Joe and I were discussing if we can organise social events for postgraduate students across the two (potentially three!) universities, such as a massive pub crawl but these require further discussion. We also discussed if we, as postgraduate student representatives should encourage students to join events and actions for the benefit of students, but again how to remain political neutral and avoid being associated with any political figures or parties, while a lot of these events are frequently political driven.

I am also co-organising a lunch meeting with Andrew and Felicity – the students representative from Research Degree Committee (RDC) and Prof. Pat Buckley – Dean of Graduate Studies, inviting all Higher Degree by Research (HDR) students to introduce and discuss about the developing Framework and Guidelines for Supervisory Panels at UniSA. It is part of the PhD reforming programme, and I highly encourage you to join us tomorrow (30/3/2016) at 11:30 am to 12:30 pm in city west LB1-30, lunch will be provided.

I am also working hard with Carrey and the Council in how to involve more students’ voice into UniSA policy decision making, and the identity and role of a student association. We will have a meeting with Dr. Penny Moore – Director of the Council Services and Chancellery, and I will get back to you guys soon about the outcome of the meeting.

I hope all of you have a great start for this semester and have fun while studying hard.

Nick (Ka Leung) Li


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