Mawson Lakes Activity Report – Lisa Bennetts

Hi all!

It’s a bittersweet time of year, the time has come to part with our sleep-ins, getaways and social lives (Well, for Monday to Friday at least), but I’m certain I’m not alone when I say good riddance. We’re back into routine, feeling motivated and ready to tackle another year and the pain that usually accompanies it. For those who just genuinely rock at life and were enrolled over summer, you go Glen Coco. And of course, warmest of welcomes to our newcomers, it’s been so great meeting many of you! I hope you’ve all kicked off the year with big ambitions for your time at UniSA.

I myself spent plenty of my holidays prepping for my role on campus in a range of different ways and also relocated closer to Mawson Lakes. Meetings, reports and checking my emails every five seconds has become the new norm, but I’m loving every moment of it and the people it has brought into my life.

February was a particularly busy month and I enjoyed challenging myself outside of my comfort zone. O-Week was a definite highlight for me, despite the exhaustion that followed. Everyone loved their freebies and it was the best opportunity to chat with students about USASA and Uni life in general. I attended my first preclusion meetings as the Student Rep and was able to witness the benefits of USASA Advocacy first hand but also learn about the struggles my peers are experiencing and see where we can help. I intend to be as involved as I can in this process throughout the year as it is so critical a fellow student’s perspective is provided to the panel.
My activities for February: 

2/2/2016 – Womens Committee Meeting

4/2/2016 – Finance Committee Meeting

8/2/2016 – USASA Board Meeting

10/2/2016 – Meeting with Daniel and Jason. Izik and I set a meeting with Daniel and Jason to discuss a project we have been working on to improve food options on campus. We were considering best methods of student consult and potential issues we may face.

10/2/2016 – Education & Welfare Committee Meeting

11/2/2016 – Academic Review Meeting for Mawson Lakes (Preliminary)

17/2/2016 – O-week briefing

23/2/2016 – O-Week Mawson Lakes Campus

24/2/2016 – Academic Review Meeting for Mawson Lakes (Final)

25/2/2016 – O-Week City West Campus

25/2/2016 – Meeting with Luis. Luis and I discussed in further detail the processes and information around student preclusions. We also covered the Formal Inquiry process to ensure I was equipped with all information for an upcoming inquiry at City West.

Numerous enquiries discussed with students via email.


Upcoming Activities:

10/3/2016 – Finance Committee Meeting

15/3/2016 – Formal Inquiry at City West Campus

15/3/2016 – USASA Board Meeting

TBD – Womens Committee Meeting 

TBD – Business consults for Mobile Food Vendors & further meetings

TBD – Meeting with Leonard Ho to discuss Food on Campus

TBD – Goal Setting Meeting with Daniel & Carey

Among other things that will pop up.


In solidarity with my fellow students,


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