President’s Report – February

Yay! Study Period 2 has begun, which means most of you are now back at uni (unless, y’know, you study in trimesters or do summer school or something.) I hope you are all as excited as I am for this semester of educational goodness!

Maybe not…

But seriously, I do hope that you have a great semester, learn new cool things and new skills, and make many new friends. Also, remember that everyone at USASA is here for you, so you are never alone in the ongoing quest that is your university studies…

Anyway, before I overload this post with animated GIFs, I should get into actually reporting the events for the (very busy) month of February.

February, like January, started off quietly, with more focus on researching and preparing for the year ahead. I am proud of myself and my team for how enthusiastic we all are about our respective roles. Also, some really good ideas are starting to be formed. Some of which we will start rolling out in the next month or so. Others will take a little longer to prepare.

While I cannot go into detail right now, as we still have to work out the details and actually approve ideas as a board, there will be some exciting news soon, in regard to our goal for a better, more progressive, supportive and inclusive university culture.

Of course, another thing to mention about February is O-Week. O-Week was very busy but that is excellent, as it means we’re engaging students. So many students downloaded the USASA app and scored themselves free diaries and wall planners.

On a personal note, the week was extremely busy for me.

On Monday, I flew to Mt. Gambier campus. It was great to meet the fantastic students and staff there, and I got to see their new state-of-the-art building. Was also important to hear what their concerns are and establishing rapport.

On Tuesday, I was at Mawson Lakes Campus. It was a million degrees but it didn’t stop students from lining up to learn about our services, as well as score some free stuff (the ice cream machine was a great addition!) Unfortunately, that was the same day as the Whyalla O-Day, which sadly meant I could not visit join Whyalla students. However, Kayla did an excellent job representing me. I assure my Whyalla readers that your issues do concern me and I will try to be up there as soon as possible.

On Wednesday, I was at Magill, which is my home campus. As always, it was its usual vibrant self. Unfortunately, the other part of my job is being a member of the University Council, which meant I had to leave early to meet with the Chancellor but I still managed to help a little and meet some excited new students.

On Thursday, O-Week was at City West. That campus was, as expected, busy and full of enthusiastic students. Sadly, it was the campus I connected with the least, as I had to spend most of that day at a University Council meeting.

Finally, on Friday, we wound things up at City East. Surprisingly that campus was the busiest out of the lot. Nonetheless it was great to help so many students learn what is available to them and make their start at university a positive one.

Oh, and I gave speeches at all of the campuses. So yeah, that was my O-Week and my February.

It’s good to be President.

Action list

If you’re still reading, here’s my action list for the month:

1/02/16 – Weekly(ish) Meeting with Daniel

3/02/16 – Academic Review Board

Discussed the academic progress of a PhD student. Was a bit daunting as I am not a post-grad student.


The Post-grad students on the board (in particular, Nick) should participate in this board’s meetings.

4/02/16 – Board member induction

Participated in the induction of Sophie Murray, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Rep.

4/02/16 – Meeting of Finance Sub-Committee

8/02/16 – Weekly(ish) Meeting with Daniel

8/02/16 – Meeting of Election Regulations Committee

10/02/16 – University Council Welcome Luncheon

More social than business but it was my first meet and greet with members of the University Council.

15/02/16 – Weekly(ish) Meeting with Daniel

18/02/16 – Board member induction

Participated in the induction of Thomas Browne, the City East Rep.

19/02/16 – Meeting with the PVC, Laura-Anne Bull (with Daniel)

Met to discuss further plans to re-evaluate the relationship between the University and students, as well as USASA.


22/02/16 – MT GAMBIER

Flew to Mt. Gambier Campus in the morning, to greet them and give a speech for their O-Day. Flew out that afternoon. Was a great opportunity to see, first-hand, how things are at Mt. Gambier.

23/02/16 – MAWSON LAKES

Volunteered with the USASA O-Week stall. Gave speech to campus.

23/02/16 – Met with Penny Moore (Director of Council Services & Chancellory)

Discussed the agenda and the typical structure of Council Meetings

24/02/16 – MAGILL

Volunteered with the USASA O-Week stall. Gave speech to campus.

24/02/16 – Lunch with Chancellor Jim McDowell (with Nick Li and Penny Moore)

Met Chancellor and had chance to introduce myself one-on-one with the Chancellor. Post-Grad Rep, Nick Li had a similar opportunity.

25/02/16 – CITY WEST

Due to the Council Meeting clashing with this O-Day, I wasn’t really able to volunteer. Gave speech to campus.

25/02/16 – University Council Meeting

First meeting in 2016 of the University Council, the governing board of the university. Mentioned USASA’s intention to re-write its constitution.

26/02/16 – CITY EAST

Volunteered with the USASA O-Week stall. Gave speech to campus.

26/02/16 – Academic Board Meeting

First Academic Board Meeting of the year.

Continuous activity

Preparation of activity report

Assistance with preparation of Marriage Equality agenda item

Ongoing research on issues that affect the students

Reading reports on behalf of the University Council and USASA Board

General Management of board matters


Next month’s planned activities

8/03/16 – Goal setting meeting with Izik

9/03/16 – Clubsfest volunteering

17/03/16 – University Council Meeting

24/03/16 – (possibly) hosting the President of FUSA, Caleb Pattinson

More goal-setting meetings

No doubt a million other things that will occur

Sleep, maybe…




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