Magill Campus Representative – January & February Report

Hi all!

Absolutely thrilled to be your student representative for 2016 and to let you all know about the work I’ll be doing this year. January and February have been both incredible and hectic times. I have been busy establishing the USASA Women’s Committee, which is dedicated to investigating women’s welfare issues at the university and establishing a Women’s Department for USASA. We have held initial meetings to plan our actions for the year, created the Terms of Reference and expanded the committee to non-board member students. We still have one or two positions open for the committee so if anyone is interested in joining the committee please contact me via email. Personally I am interested in gaging the necessity and viability of establishing a Women’s Officer; specific services we can offer to female-identifying students; the university’s process on sexual assault and harassment cases; and campaigns and services around domestic violence.

We have been getting ready for International Women’s Day which is Tuesday the 8th of March, where we will be running a stall at Magill campus’ Brekky Bar to commemorate the day. People are encouraged to Pledge for Parity on the IWD website. We are building the UniSA Women’s Collective which we will be encouraging people to sign up to on the day who are interested in getting more involved in the club! The UniSA Women’s Collective is a club to network with female-identifying students through social events such as film nights or casual get-togethers, and campaign for women’s issues at the university. You can find the Facebook page here: We are also encouraging people to take advantage of the selfie cards, which highlight women’s issues, to be pictured with and posted on the Facebook page afterwards. You can find the Facebook event for the day here: Throughout March we will be launching a short questionnaire to gage the experiences of female-identifying students at UniSA.

I have been working with fellow Magill Representative Christopher Ghan to review the mental health facilities at UniSA. We have met with the Student Well-being Officer and the Manager of Counselling Services who are both incredibly passionate about the student voice and what we can do for students. We have discussed the roll-out of over-arching, targeted campaigns and organising a student survey and student focus group for April this year.

In February I convened the first meeting of the Education and Welfare Committee meeting, where we set the agenda for the year by establishing the various projects that each committee member is passionate about working on. We are currently in the process of researching our various areas and producing reports to be moved at the next meeting. We have compiled reports about tutoring services and e-books for further discussion at this week’s meeting. I myself am very passionate about student welfare and such issues as reducing the cost of textbooks, expanding the breakfast bar across more days on individual campus’, engaging more heavily with National Union of Students campaigns, and the process behind Academic Reviews and how students engage with the Learning and Teaching Unit. I have been to two formal inquiries so far and will be putting forward my recommendations as a result of these.

I also attended my first Election Regulations and Constitution Committee (ERCC) as a committee member. We set the agenda and our plans for the year. We have decided that to fully engage with the student voice and create a cohesive document we will take 2 years to re-write the student association constitution. I am particularly interested in autonomous officers and will be engaging heavily in that process in the coming months.

I attended my first Academic Board meeting at the end of February, which was really fascinating. We discussed the university’s e-learning program and the review of supplementary assessments, to make further recommendations upon in the next meeting.

O’week was an incredible and hectic time! I travelled to the Whyalla campus on Tuesday to represent USASA. I had a really great time meeting all the new students there, helping cook the BBQ (I did the veggie patties as the vegetarian representative), and talking to students about our plans for the year and what kinds of issues they were finding at the regional campus. I hope that as a city representative I can fully engage with regional campus’ and ensure that all campus’ have equal representation and access to resources and services. On Wednesday I was at the Magill campus, welcoming new students as Magill Representative. I had a great time handing out diaries and sometimes balloons (yay!), getting to know new students and hoping to build an active relationship between USASA and the student cohort. On Thursday I headed down to City West to help out with the USASA stall and once again had a brilliant time getting to know new students and introducing them to the USASA Diary and Deals app! On Friday I attended my first Academic Board meeting, which was really fascinating. We discussed the university’s e-learning program and the review of supplementary assessments, to make further recommendations upon in the next meeting.

January Meetings 


First Board meeting of the year.

19/01/16 – Meeting with Chris

Met with Chris to discuss our plans about mental health at UniSA, services at Magill.

20/01/16 – Meeting with Lia

Discussion about free parking at Magill and Women’s Department at UniSA.

27/01/16 – Meeting with President and General Manager

Met to discuss KPI’s.

28/01/16 – Meeting with Well-Being Manager

Met with Nadia to discuss mental health at UniSA


Nadia meets with Board on the meeting of February the 8th

Focus group with students, survey

February Meetings

02/02/16 – Women’s Committee Meeting

05/02/16 – Skype with State and National Women’s Officers

08/02/16 – Election Regulation and Constitution Committee meeting, Board meeting

09/02/16 – Meeting with Marketing to plan Women’s Committee questionnaire and survey

10/02/16 – Education and Welfare Committee

17/02/16 – O’Week Training session; International Women’s Day planning meeting

23/02/16-25/02/16 – O’Week – Whyalla, Magill, City West Campus’

26/06/16 – Academic Board meeting

29/02/16 – Meeting with Wellbeing Officer, Counselling and Disability Managers

Next month’s planned activities 

  • Launching questionnaire for female-identifying students on campus
  • Reviewing sexual assault and harassment policies at UniSA
  • International Women’s Day Brekky Bar stall at Magill campus Tuesday the 8th of March
  • Continuing to review mental health facilities, prepare survey, focus group and report
  • Constitutional and election regulations tasks – focusing on autonomous officers
  • Education and Welfare Committee – academic reviews, breakfast bar, NUS, textbooks

I am looking forward to further engaging with students throughout March!




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