International Student Rep February Report

Hi everyone,
I hope you all had fun for the very last days of holidays and that you are excited to do this new semester.

For the last 2 weeks, I got busy trying to move out and being involved in the o-week. It was my first time being involved in the event. I was involved for 3 days at the international day, city west and city east. Seeing some fresh faces remind me my first day at university, and I could see some were lost with USASA services or with their enrollment. I tried my very best to help them as I could and told them I am here for them as well as the board. It seemed that they were happy seeing people were here to help them.

Regarding my February report, I did mentioned them by accident in my previous post (see January report). Below would be what I planned to do these coming days for March, and I hope to have positive responses.

Meeting with 2 committee board to discuss about the aims of the sub-committee. We will try to see how it will work and who will be part in of it, and all the possibilities issues which can arise.

As I still haven’t got some concrete answers from campus central, I will go there trying to talk to the people in charge or putting a meeting with them trying to know about scholarships, accommodation and internship placement. I am not satisfied with their previous answers since December, as communication was made through emails as I was back to my country for holidays.

I am having a meeting on Friday 4 March with international clubs. I’ve been emailing President, secretary and treasurers of all the international clubs since last year via their personal email, club’s email or event on Facebook. It has been hard to be I touch with them as they were on holidays or they changed President; I wished I had their contact number. Hopefully, I got few responses (less than 5 out of 14 clubs). I hope I will see more Presidents or representatives on Friday.
The meeting would be to inform them about the new project of creating an international sub-committee with all Presidents, to encourage all the clubs being more active, encouraging more members to join and spreading our multi-culturalism around UniSA.

That’s all for what I planned to do so far, but I know more stuffs will come up within March.

See you next month for a new report🙃


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