Feb Report – Whyalla Campus

Until you have had experience organising an event such as O-Week, you really appreciate the amount of time and work it takes to get the job done. After attending my first O-Week last year (as a new student on Campus) I had an idea what worked and what did not. The University had their own ideas about how things should be set up however I am glad they listened to students and kindly implemented some changes this year. The result being a much improved Orientation for students, not to say we can’t improve even more next year.

So many people to thank, and I sincerely thank each and every Student and Staff member who contributed over the past month to make such a great event. Highlight for me was the ‘After Party’ and the Amazing Race. It was great to see so much enthusiasm from the new Students, watching them run around campus, it made me realise what Uni is all about, racking up the experiences and having fun while learning. Well done to all the participants. Below are some comments made about the week;

 “Just wanted to say congratulations on a job well done! I know I have told you each face to face already, but thought I would put it in writing. Orientation was a great success from my vantage point. The program was quite full, but not overwhelming, many students attended both days and it ran really well. There was good feedback from new students and the foundation studies students going into their degree.”

 “Great Job Michelle & Kemal…really enjoyed the after party.”

 “Well done to all involved, good show and loved the new students dashing past windows like – lighting MQueen, lol, cracked me up, great job – p.s. food awesome and drinks was so cold it did not touch the sides going down. Thanks all, great stuff.”

 “Absolutely loved it, even if we came last, thanks Kemal for the stock up on drinks.”

 “Holy crap! what an awesome o-week! Best one I’ve seen in years! Thank you so much to Kemal and Michelle for the efforts, it was a lot of fun!”


Where I’m headed?

  1. Another big month starting with our 25th Birthday Celebration on 24th March, I have got something planned for this event however can’t say too much now, will let you know in the near future.
  2. Campaigning for Whyalla to be included on the USASA Wall planner regarding UniTopia.
  3. Campaigning for more support for our Netball team who have to pay subs each week which is quite costly for students.
  4. Making sure Students feedback is relayed to University about O-Week and how it can be improved in 2017.
  5. Will seek funding from the board to install a bench on the grounds of the Whyalla Campus to remember the life of Natasha (Tash) Turnbull (student of the campus) who tragically lost her life on the 29th December 2014 in a tragic motor vehicle collision. http://www.whyallanewsonline.com.au/story/2799658/so-much-yet-to-give-remembering-tash-turnbull/#slide=2
  6. Final point, Remember to install your USASA diary and deals app here; http://www.usasa.sa.edu.au/Common/ContentWM.aspx?CID=136

2 thoughts on “Feb Report – Whyalla Campus

  1. Michelle Fay March 1, 2016 / 2:01 am

    What an amazing o-week to be part off. All involved did an amazing job and it was great to work with you on setting up the student events for the program! Bring on this year as it looks like we will have an amazing year


  2. Paul Havelberg March 8, 2016 / 2:52 am

    Thanks to all students for making O week a success! Congrats to Michelle & Kemal for all of your leadership.

    Great to see so many students knuckling down to the first few weeks of study! Make sure to pop into campus central if you require support with studies, wellbeing, careers or general enquiries. The team will be happy to help or refer you to the appropriate resource.

    And finally make sure to support the events the guys have pulled together! 2016 promises to be a fantastic year!


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