Postgraduate Student Rep March Report

Time flies and a month has nearly passed since university started. It doesn’t affect me that much because as a PhD student I work like a full time staff in the office and the lab, which also means…… I am a cheap labour with no life (sigh!). All the joke aside, it was personally a busy month for me as I got a lot to catch up after coming back from my annual leave, and I attended two conferences in Queensland this month, with my first oral presentation in a national conference!

However, there are more responsibilities than just my role as a PhD student, but as representative for fellow UniSA postgraduate students.

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Mawson Lakes Activity Report – Lisa Bennetts

Hi all!

It’s a bittersweet time of year, the time has come to part with our sleep-ins, getaways and social lives (Well, for Monday to Friday at least), but I’m certain I’m not alone when I say good riddance. We’re back into routine, feeling motivated and ready to tackle another year and the pain that usually accompanies it. For those who just genuinely rock at life and were enrolled over summer, you go Glen Coco. And of course, warmest of welcomes to our newcomers, it’s been so great meeting many of you! I hope you’ve all kicked off the year with big ambitions for your time at UniSA. Continue reading

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student Representative Welcome & February Report

Hi All,


Despite the fact that it is March and many of you have been studying throughout the summer, I would just like to take the opportunity to say: Welcome back for 2016! And congratulations to all of the commencing students! You made it past what many call the greatest challenge of University, enrolment!

I trust you all had a restful break and are ready for a brand new year of study and personal growth. If you are around City West please drop in and catch up, I would love to hear about how you spent your holidays. Currently I am still located in the Yungondi Building on Level 2, Room 52.

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March Report – Whyalla Campus

Students working together instils the spirit of empowerment. The relationship between the USASA rep and Student Experience Ambassador is vital to the Campus and both help each other to provide Students with the best experience. The positions are very similar, responsible for creating an engaging, exciting and enjoyable environment around Campus.

We have three events for the month to watch out for:

1.    FREE Combat Class on Wednesday 9th March at the Rec Centre at 6.45 p.m.

2.    BBQ at the Student Village – Wednesday 23rd March at 5.30 p.m. (ALL Students)

3.    Pt Lowly Getaway on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd April 

Really look forward to seeing you all there.

Remember to work hard on your studies so you can play hard at PARTIES.

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Mawson Lakes Activity Report – February

Hey everyone,

Firstly, I’d like to give a warm welcome to all new and returning students at Uni SA and I hope your year this year is a memorable one.

Throughout February, while many students have been holidaying it up (jealous af), I’ve been extremely busy  settling into my new role as Mawson Lakes representative for 2016. Here’s a summary of some of what I’ve been up to:

1) Working as convenor of the Election Regulations & Constitution Committee (ERCC) and the Finance Committee.

I’ve been elected as convenor of both of these committees and have been working throughout the month with them. Most particularly, I’ve been working with members of the ERCC to start formulating a timeline for a huge reform process on the USASA constitution. This process has been set to be undertaken over a two year period to ensure the reforms are comprehensive and are done with proper consultation and support. We also want to ensure that these reforms create a modern constitution that properly and inclusively represents the students and staff who are apart of this university.

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Magill Campus Representative – January & February Report

Hi all!

Absolutely thrilled to be your student representative for 2016 and to let you all know about the work I’ll be doing this year. January and February have been both incredible and hectic times. I have been busy establishing the USASA Women’s Committee, which is dedicated to investigating women’s welfare issues at the university and establishing a Women’s Department for USASA. We have held initial meetings to plan our actions for the year, created the Terms of Reference and expanded the committee to non-board member students. We still have one or two positions open for the committee so if anyone is interested in joining the committee please contact me via email. Personally I am interested in gaging the necessity and viability of establishing a Women’s Officer; specific services we can offer to female-identifying students; the university’s process on sexual assault and harassment cases; and campaigns and services around domestic violence.

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City East Activity Report – Luke Rogers

Hey Everybody,

Welcome back to campus for 2016! Its great to see so many people filling the hallways, classrooms and spots around City East again.

This month I had the awesome task of getting involved with O Week and meeting hundreds of new students. I got to come in and talk directly to planning students about my role as a USASA Rep, as well as an admin of a club and then generally my experience as a student. Then on Friday I had the big USASA day at City East where I was slinging diaries and info on what USASA is about. It was the hard work of the USASA staff that made this day, and all the other campus days, possible. Met some really nice people and had a lot of fun as well, and that’s a good sign that the future of the UniSA is as bright as ever.

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International Student Rep February Report

Hi everyone,
I hope you all had fun for the very last days of holidays and that you are excited to do this new semester.

For the last 2 weeks, I got busy trying to move out and being involved in the o-week. It was my first time being involved in the event. I was involved for 3 days at the international day, city west and city east. Seeing some fresh faces remind me my first day at university, and I could see some were lost with USASA services or with their enrollment. I tried my very best to help them as I could and told them I am here for them as well as the board. It seemed that they were happy seeing people were here to help them.

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Feb Report – Whyalla Campus

Until you have had experience organising an event such as O-Week, you really appreciate the amount of time and work it takes to get the job done. After attending my first O-Week last year (as a new student on Campus) I had an idea what worked and what did not. The University had their own ideas about how things should be set up however I am glad they listened to students and kindly implemented some changes this year. The result being a much improved Orientation for students, not to say we can’t improve even more next year.

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