Magill Campus Representative – January & February Report

You guys must really be looking hard for a reason to procrastinate if you’re reading this.

A warm welcome to those new to UniSA or coming back for another year. The following are a snapshot of some the activities I’ve been pursuing over the last two months.


For those looking to buy or sell secondhand books, I’ve been working with USASA on plans to run physical stalls on each of the campuses (except Whyalla & Mt Gambier unfortunately) to help students browse through the books available in our USASA Secondhand Textbooks store ( look at their online store + more info in the link below)

With luck, we hope to have this up and running early this semester; or to trial it at the beginning of the next period.

2. Student Wellbeing

Kayla (the other Magill Rep) and I have been engaging in discussion with the university in regards to promoting student wellbeing. Some of the more promising concepts include online counselling (e.g. via Skype or online chat), student mentoring programs (e.g. a senior international student mentoring a new incoming student) and financial assistance or advice for students. There has also been discussion around providing counselling outside of work hours, to increase accessibility of services for those working or studying externally.

Love to hear what you guys think about these suggestions or if you have any of your own ideas – comment below or shoot me a message.

3. Academic Review Meetings 

As part of my role, I act as a  advocate for students whom may prevented from continuing their university course due to a poor GPA or having failed the same course several times.

Often the student I see have disengaged from university for reasons ranging from a financial or health difficulties, to  serious issues with procrastination or motivation.

As a panel, the committee has the power to allow students to continue there programs, however they need to see real commitment and concrete steps that the student has taken to change there academic situation. This includes:

  • Meeting with your program directors
  • Using an access plan
  • Accessing counselling or LTU workshops
  • Part-time study
  • Action plans etc.

My best advice to anyone in this situation is for them to access USASA advocacy services (link below) whom will assign you an advocate to help prepare and accompany you to the meeting. It makes a huge difference in regards to the quality of your appeal, plus it’s otherwise an confronting experience to do alone.

4. A LOT of meetings

As a campus rep, you also typically join a lot of other board, committees and subcommittees – which translates into about 2-4 meetings per week. Over the next couple of months, I’ll update you in regards to my activites on other committee such as Education & Welfare or the International sub-committee.

Warm Regards

Christopher Ghan

Magill Campus Representative




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