International Student Representative – January report

Bonjour everyone,

I hope you all enjoyed your holidays and you are ready to start the new semester. Some of you might be impatient catching up with your friends, or making new friends for the new students.

You might wonder who is that person emailing you, well just a little introduction about me, as you will receive emails every month about my reports. I am Valérie the USASA (University of South Australia Student Association)International Student Representative 2016 (you can find my picture below). I am also the President of the African Society at UniSA. I am an international student from Mauritius (French, English and Creole spoken languages), studying Master of Design (interior architecture) at city west campus. As international student representative, I would be here to support the international students, and I am expecting them to contact me for any inquiries, issues, suggestions, questions, help etc… I will encourage everyone to contact me if there is anything they would like me to help with 🙂


I have many projects for this year which are to make the international students more visible on campus by for example by organising more multi-cultural events in the different campuses, increasing the distribution of scholarships to our international students, increasing chances of these students to work in an Australian company for their internship and decreasing the cost of accommodation.

Before having everything done, few researches had to be done to know more about “the why of the how”. Last December, I had a meeting with some presidents of international clubs to tell them about my idea of having a sub-committee for international students. As most of them were back to their country for holidays, only few shown up. Hopefully, those present gave me some very good feedback about the idea of the sub-committee, which will unite more international students and encouraging them to share their culture among the students and making new friends. They did propose few ideas about the calendar of 2016. The creation of the sub-committee is still under process, as I am expecting to have another meeting with the presidents of international clubs at UniSA, explaining them about the aim of the sub-committee and it’s purpose as well.

Concerning the internship placement, many international students do not have the opportunity to have working experience in an Australian company. I emailed the different schools, asking if they send their students for internship, which semester, studies and which system they use for sending students to a company; either the school which sends the student to the company or if the students have to look for a company by themself. I collected few responses (less than 5 schools replied), and I am still waiting for other schools to reply.

Concerning the increase of scholarships towards international students, I got a reply from the department in charge, saying that every school has their own scholarships, which makes my task more difficult as I will have to investigate towards every school  and trying to find out solutions about how to increase the scholarships among international students.

I am also waiting for a reply about the different students’ accommodations UniSA is linked to, as to talk about my different solutions to decrease the price of accommodations as some of them are expensive to afford.

If you have anything you would like to share, please feel free. I will encourage you and your friends to like our new Facebook page: International students @ UniSA (Australia)

That’s all for today, and I will notify again within few days about what have been done for February.

Au revoir.




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