Mount Gambier Student Representative

Hey there

I am Tammy Masters the regional student representative. Mount Gambier is a regional town guys for those of you who do not get the opportunity to travel down this way (we do exist), just kidding. We pretty much have everything a metro life style has on offer, however, our resources are on a smaller scale. Prior to my recent sea change, I had lived in Melbourne for 14 years. I had forgotten just how tranquil a regional life style can be. Driving from place to place is just so relaxing now, I do not have to deal with gridlock traffic, due to someone breaking down in a freeway lane, no more paying for parking, and no more peak hour.  However, I do miss the restaurants, the shopping etc.

Since becoming a university student I have been presented with multiple doors of opportunities. Deciding to become a USASA student representative is just one of them. This new position will serve as a stepping stone for my future career prospects. I have many aspirations for the Mount Gambier students during 2016. In my policy statement I did say that I would like to explore what is occurring on the ground, before taking any action. For I genuinely want to represent the students voices, and this will be achieved through gathering data, whether it be qualitative or quantitative.

That’s all folks, cheers.






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