Greetings and my activity statement for January – City West



Hi everyone

I hope everyone had  fantastic holidays catching up with friends and family enjoying their time off from their studies.  As people are aware the new semester is starting soon. Some are dredging it and others will enjoy starting or coming back to Uni. Whether you are a first year and last year, University is a challenging but rewarding experience for all students who apply themselves.  My commitment to students are of  a paramount importance. As a student representative, I will represent all students interests to the best of my ability. In order for the best outcomes to be achieved for students, it is important that students are engaged and their opinions and views are respected.  

As I am new to this Student Board I am learning new skills that will later make me a better professional that will excel in the real world. I hope that in my time as a student representative that I will leave a legacy for others to follow.  The Board has a diverse range of individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds. Each Board member has unique skills that can potentially offer a solution to highly complex issues facing the Board. Every Board Member will have something different to offer students.

At present I have a great interest in science and innovation. Unlocking Science is the key to unlocking the true potential of humanity. My external university commitments are science related. I am currently on a number of committees that I feel will greatly benefit students and enhance their experiences at university. I am more than willing to discuss issues facing students at City West. As 2016 will be my last year at Unisa I hope to have had a substantial role in delivering sound policy and enhancing the culture of the university. Students opinions and views will not be disregarded.

Summary of activity
Meeting with business orientation team 11-01
Object: discuss current strategies and operations of student in regards to improving
student engagement; role of orientation; ways to improve student participation
Outcome: identify research area of student disengagement

Research Chinese student wellbeing and improving relations research 13-01
Object: find ways to improve Chinese student satisfaction and wellbeing
Outcome: will produce paper to students at next board meeting and online survey for
mental illness
Recommendation: add to agenda at next board meeting

4 X Academic Integrity Committee 15-01; 18-01;
Object: be part of the AIO panel in deciding students outcome
Outcome: on my 2nd case I made a precedent case for future students.
Recommendation: All students representatives become aware of rule 9.6.c.iv I will add to
agenda at next board meeting.

Meeting Space Community – OrbitOZ monthly; attended 4 X unisa Public Space Events;
meeting with IAC Local CEO
Object: increase Unisa participation in space community in SA and nationally
Outcome: just been elected on the Australian Youth Aerospace Association Committee and
increase networking.
Recommendation: I will put on agenda for next board meeting and increase networking
activities within Space Community.

Meeting with Law Dean
Object: discuss my proposed law changes; discuss proposed law timetable changes;
SpaceLaw course; student engagement; discussed my role on USASA Board
Outcome: shown my stance on law proposed changes and identified my role within USASA
Recommendation: law proposals require President and Boards support

Meeting with Azmiri
Object: discuss ways to increase indigenous engagement within university and identify
disability service issues
Outcome: cancelled due to sickness.
Recommendation: reschedule.

Made Smart Goals and Objectives

Object: discuss with GM and President in regards to suitable SMART goals and objectives.
Outcome: still need to work some smart goals
Recommendation: speak to Jason in regards to Smart Goals
Illness suffered dates off 25/01 to 29/01
Outcome: loss of time
Recommendation: change of diet

Continuous activity

• Finding ways to modernise university
• Preparation of activity report
• Preparation of agenda item swearing oath of allegiance
• Identify ways to increase research in science
• Identify ways to increase student participation
• Identify new potential clubs
• Preparation of Chinese student mental illness
• Finding ways to improve cultural exchange and awareness
• Engage Space Community and encourage students to participate in Space

Next month’s planned activities

Attend USASA Board meeting
Attend AYAA Committee meeting
Attend Orientation week for all City West Campus
Meet with president to review my KPI’s





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