President’s Welcome and January Report

Hi Everyone!

I hope you all had a great new year! My name is Carey Moore and I am the 2016 USASA President.

This year, the members of the USASA board and I have exciting plans for USASA and the University, including more student support and inclusivity – including being more actively progressive on modern issues which affect students, offering more transparency and accountability in how we do things, and improving the cultural vibrancy on campus – to continue to make our university the place you are proud of being a student with. Please stay tuned for more exciting details of our progress in the upcoming months.

January Report

Being a quiet month when most students and staff are still on break, January has presented itself as an opportunity for me to focus on the more internal and administrative matters and hopefully get ahead in advance, so I might be able to have more time to engage with the students and work on policies when study period resumes.

I also started meeting with various high-ranking university staff members such as the Vice-Chancellor, to introduce myself and give a briefing on what we have planned. While, at first, this was a scary prospect, I am relieved to report that they are on the same wavelength and agree on the need for a more vibrant, inclusive and supportive university. I am very confident that USASA and the university will work really well together this year to achieve those goals.

Board members and I have also begun the (long) process of working on a new constitution for USASA, which reflects the current values of the organisation, the university and, most importantly, the students. This process will be a long one but we want to do it right and we want your input on what you think should be included, so you will be hearing from us over the year, as we try to consult as many of you as possible.

That pretty much wraps up my report for January (a lot of which was also settling-in.) I cannot wait for the challenges of the year ahead and look forward to making a difference.

Don’t forget to come say hi at O-Week! I hope to meet you all!



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