City East – January Activity Report

Hey squad,

Hope everyone has been enjoying their holidays and have been getting far more relax time than I have! It hasn’t been a huge month for USASA work as everyone is still away from campus, but its been a big month for me moving house!

This month did see the new board form though and get started on its work, I think the new team is fantastic and going to do a really good job. At the end of last year most of us got the chance to meet each other at the board retreat but those that weren’t there we got a chance to meet at the board meeting. It was a marathon first meeting which just shows that the new board team is really keen to hit the ground running.

I have got some more work dome in relation to the art wall with a mentor selected and the project just needing approval from the university to go ahead. Beyond that I have gotten some work done for two committees, the Women’s Committee and the Clubs Committee, which I am conveyor of. I am proud to be an inaugural member of the Women’s committee but may end up being a short term member as the female membership grows.

The formal inquiry this month was difficult as always because although students need to be held to account for their mistakes to be fair to everyone it is always hard to actually be part of a group that imposes consequences on students that don’t do the right thing. Going to these meetings is an important part of what we do but hopefully not a part that we have to do too often.

I hope everyone has had a great start to the year and I’m looking forward to seeing all the bright refreshed faces at O-Week next month!


  • 12/1/2016 – USASA Board Meeting
  • 29/1/2016 – Formal Inquiry for School of Nursing and Midwifery


Other and Continuing Activity:

  • Activity Report and Blog Preparation
  • Women’s Committee Research and Preparation
  • Clubs Committee Research and Preparation
  • Art wall research and email contact
  • Formal Inquiry Preparation



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