International Rep – December Activity Report

November was a pretty quiet period as everyone was busy preparing assignments and exams. This month, I did not do much except congratulate the new appointed reps and handover some information to the next successor, Valarie (international student rep).

The highlight of this month was pretty much planning for a student initiative program, “Food delivery program” which will possibly be running in SP 2 2016 with support of UniSA staff and other USASA members. This project was started with a few of students who saw the need in supplying food services to students especially after 6pm to other university students as we are aware of the lack of affordable and healthy meal around the UniSA campus. We have been working hard and hope to launch this successfully next year for students to use this service. We are also looking for students who are interested in being part of the core team and if you wish to support and help us in anyway, please contact direct my direct email

We will be working with some of the universities staff and also discuss with USASA staff member on how to ensure this pilot program will run effectively. We are halfway to go and if you are still in Adelaide, feel free to join our team. Looking forward to build something great for students’ community and enhance student experience next year. Happy holiday!


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