Magill – Campus Activity Report

Hi everyone,

I hope that this final part of the university year is going smoothly! This month I have spent some time overseas in New Zealand, to attend a Cognitive Neuroscience conference. As I have barely been on campus this month, I haven’t been able to spend time at the Magill counter, which is something I’m not happy about. I’m glad that at least Ant is able to spend time at the Magill counter during this period.  

10/11/15 USASA board meeting

I attended the board meeting.

Unfortunately the election regulations committee meeting was cancelled on that day. We have re-scheduled a time to meet with the elections Returning Officer (R.O.) to review the election process next month.


10/11/15 Examined USASA election results

I read through and examined the USASA election results, as part of my role as the convenor of the Election Regulations committee. Some interesting statistics related to the results included the big increase in the number of students casting votes on the Whyalla campus. This is great news as it shows that students at this campus are increasing their interactions with USASA, meaning that they may be more likely to know about and access the services that we provide.

Election results will be examined in our upcoming (and last for 2015) election regulations committee meeting in December.


19/11/15 Email discussion with USASA general manager Daniel Randell re: issues at Magill campus

Daniel emailed to ask about any issues related specifically to Magill, as he will be attending a Magill Campus Advisory Group.

I responded to this email outlining some issues that I feel are current at the Magill campus, based on my own perceptions as well as issues that students have brought to me.

The two main issues that I outline to Daniel were:

  1. The effect that the on-campus smoking ban has had on the campus, and on students. As smoking is banned on campus, students leave campus to smoke. This has affected students and the community. Students report feeling unsafe when leaving the campus to smoke at night, students are smoking on the footpath where there are no bins leading to excessive cigarette butt litter, and the issue has moved from campus to the residents of the surrounding streets. To address all of these issues I proposed the development of a “smoker space” where students who wish to smoke can do so safely, without affecting others, and without littering on the surrounding streets/footpaths.
  2. The issue of snakes that arises every summer at Magill. I asked Daniel to speak to the advisory group about what measures will be put in place this summer to ensure the safety of student and staff (as well as the snakes themselves).

Recommendation: It is important that student representatives to utilise every opportunity to give feedback to the university.


05/12/2015 Followed up with Daniel regarding the Magill Campus Advisory Group

I emailed Daniel to follow up on how the meeting went.

Recommendation: I think that it is good practise to follow-up on meetings such as this. Giving feedback and raising issues is important, but it is equally important to follow-up on such meetings to see how the university responds to your feedback and what changes are made.


Continuous activities

  • Contact with clubs (for whom most members are on the Magill campus) regarding various issues such as: administrative issues related to USASA, within-club issues
  • Monitoring of club groups and/or pages on Facebook group (such as the UniSA Psych association, Magill campus page) to remain up-to-date with any events and issues related to Magill campus students
  • Preparation of activity report



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