City West – November Activity Report

It been both a busy and a quiet month. With many student either studying for exams or finishing final assignments the number of students on campus has reduced. Also during this time I undertook an intensive SP7 course which is still going and lost employment due to shortage of work.

Formal Inquiries:

I originally was marked to attend 3 formal inquiries this month, but one had a change of time and clashed with my intensive class. The second was cancelled and the last was moved to today however I came down sick an believe it would be best to stay home and possibly see the doctor this afternoon.


  • USASA Board Meeting 10/11/15.
  • Academic Board Meeting 27/11/15.

Continuous Activity:

  • Reading meeting papers.
  • Preparing Activity Report.
  • Correspondence.

Next Month’s Planned Activities:

  • Formal Inquiry 11/12/15/.
  • Election Regulations Meeting 15/12/15.
  • USASA Board Meeting 15/12/15.

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