October – Whats been happening in Whyalla

Apologies for the late submission of Activity report for this month:

Getting towards the end of the year we have an exciting end of year celebration planned.

Alexander Robinson October Activity Report

1st, 14th, 28th: Meeting with Michelle Fay and Paul Havelberg
Purpose: Continued my fortnightly catchups with student experience rep and regional
director. This month we have been finalizing the revamp of the student lounge and the
upcoming end of year dinner we have planned.
That the end of year dinner goes ahead as planned
16th October: Whyalla Campus 50th Reunion Dinner:
Purpose: Attended the 50th Reunion of Whyalla Campus Dinner representing the current
student body. This was an excellent chance to meet and discuss changes with a range of
alumni of the campus and past lecturers and Deans.
No recommendation needed
Would also like to take the time to congratulate the new rep for Whyalla Kemal Brkic and wish him all the luck with his role.

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