Magill – September Activity Report

This month has been a little unusual for me. I was involved in a car accident which forced me to give up some of my responsibilities for a short while, as I needed to rest and recover. Therefore, I did not undertake many USASA-related activities this month.  I was especially disappointed that I was not able to attend USASAs 21st Birthday Party, although I heard it was a blast! Something that I really enjoyed this month was the opportunity to be the minute-taker during the USASA board meeting. I certainly felt like it was a huge responsibility, and I really respect anyone who takes minutes on a regular basis. I almost broke a sweat trying to keep up with what everyone was saying during the meeting!

08/09/15 – USASA board meeting

I attended the board meeting, and was also the minute-taker. It was a great experience to take the minutes, although it felt like a huge responsibility and very frantic trying to note what every person was saying! My respect goes out to those who take minutes regularly!

Preparation – reviewing board papers before meeting.


09/09/15 – Drafted minutes from USASA board meeting

I sat down and drafted the minutes from yesterday’s board meeting, so that I could send them to Luis. The finished minutes ended up being about 2,000 words long.


Taking minutes is fun (although some people might not think so), therefore I recommend that interested board members have a go at taking minutes one board meeting! It’s a great skill to learn and keeps you attentive throughout the board meeting.


 24/09/15 – Responded to circular motion

I responded to the circular motion emailed to all representatives by Arthur.

08/10/15 – Forwarded email to Lia and Rebekka regarding potential partnership opportunity

Ant and I received an email from the Sturt Rotaract club regarding the possibility of a mental health and wellbeing event that could be held with the support of USASA and the club, on the Magill campus. I discussed this email with Ant and we decided that it would be best to forward it to Rebekka and Lia for further discussion, as Ant and I hold limited ability to liase/organise such an event without input from the president and USASA staff.

Continuous activity

Preparation of activity report

Preparation of agenda item regarding apology of absence

Visits to the Magill USASA counter

Talking to students on-campus and via Facebook about various issues

Next month’s planned activities

29/10/15 – USASA Board meeting – hope to attend by teleconference


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