City West – November Activity Report

It been both a busy and a quiet month. With many student either studying for exams or finishing final assignments the number of students on campus has reduced. Also during this time I undertook an intensive SP7 course which is still going and lost employment due to shortage of work. Continue reading


Magill – November Activity Report

While there have been some important student issues arising in the past month, there isn’t much I can write about here unfortunately for privacy reasons. I’ve spent my time talking and helping students out of the USASA office at Magill, and the rest of the time been firmly fixed to the computer completing assignments (as I’m sure many are).

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Magill – October Activity Report

Campus has been quieter this month, as I think many students are knuckling down and finishing their final assessments! I also submitted my thesis this month (yay!) and I wish all students good luck with their upcoming assessment and exams!

Something exciting this month is that the USASA elections are underway to elect the new board, and it has been great to see students campaigning on the Magill campus and showing their passion. Good luck to all the candidates. Continue reading

Magill – September Activity Report

This month has been a little unusual for me. I was involved in a car accident which forced me to give up some of my responsibilities for a short while, as I needed to rest and recover. Therefore, I did not undertake many USASA-related activities this month.  I was especially disappointed that I was not able to attend USASAs 21st Birthday Party, although I heard it was a blast! Something that I really enjoyed this month was the opportunity to be the minute-taker during the USASA board meeting. I certainly felt like it was a huge responsibility, and I really respect anyone who takes minutes on a regular basis. I almost broke a sweat trying to keep up with what everyone was saying during the meeting! Continue reading

City East – October Activity Report

Hey Team,

At the start of this month I had the great opportunity to go to the CISA dinner/presentation/meet and greet for international students, particularly leaders and members of the international student clubs, at City West. Lenny did a great job of co-ordinating the night and making sure that everyone was getting to know each other, while getting some valuable information about CISA, the organisation and what it does. It was awesome to get to know some of the presidents and members of the various clubs for different groups of international students as well as getting to hear some of the ideas and concerns they wanted to work on to make their Uni SA experience as fun and rewarding as possible. Continue reading