City West – September Activity Reort

With big assignments due and dealing with issues with one job it was a stressful month, but with reduced hours for my other job and the teaching break helping to give some relief. It has been a rather stressful month for sure. With my degree being completed at the end of this study period and the realisation of it setting in, it definitely a stressful time.


8/9/15 – USASA Board Meeting.

17/9/15 – Formal Inquiry Meeting.

17/9/15 – USASA 21st Party at City West Campus.

The night went very well. The only thing which I noticed to improve on for future events was that when announcements were made it was hard to hear what was being said over the crowd.

21/9/15 – Academic Review Meeting.

25/9/15 – Education & Welfare Sub-Committee Meeting.

25/9/15 – Academic Board Meeting.

1/10/15 – Academic Review Meeting.

Continuous Activity:

  • Activity Report Preparation.
  • Correspondence.

Next Month’s Planned Activities:

  • 20/10/15 – Academic Review Meeting and USASA Board Meeting.
  • 23/10/15 – Academic Board Meeting.

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