City East – September Activity Report

Hi Guys,

It has been another busy, tiring and very rewarding month for me as a student and as a USASA Rep! This month I have once again been on placement in Tailem Bend, and have been having fun and learning lots, despite missing life on campus. This month has seen me attend a few very important meeting as the City East Rep.  First was our September Board Meeting, which, as with all our meetings was productive and engaging.

I also sat on an academic review panel for one of the divisions of the university, which is one of the hardest jobs we have to do as reps. It is so important that we get these meeting right as they are about the future of students both at Uni SA and beyond it. We want to make sure that any student is getting treated fairly if they come before the panel, but we also have to make sure that any outcome is far on all the other students in their courses.

The other important meeting I was a part of was my first Academic board meeting. His is where all the heads of departments and Uni SA big wigs get together to talk about how the university and its courses will be structured. This is getting to be part of real decision making bodies within the Uni and it is vital that students are involved. I am determined to make sure my contribution counts.

As well as that I have spent some time this month putting together some board papers for the upcoming USASA Board Meeting for October, mostly one regarding the NUS. After making the key decision to help financially support the NUS, we are once again allowed to have voting rights that help us actively shape the organization. I have put together a paper to ensure that the Board is making the most of this opportunity.

I have also been having a chat with some students about placements and how tough it can be to financially support yourself while on a medium or short term placement. Many of the students I was chatting to have been really struggling with both placement commitments, work commitments and life commitments. It is still early days on this but hopefully I can get back to you next month with a bit of a plan about how we can help deal with this situation.



  • 4/9/2015 – Academic Review Preliminary Meeting
  • 8/9/2015 – USASA Board Meeting
  • 15/9/2015 – Meeting with Placement Students
  • 18/9/2015 – Academic Review Meeting
  • 25/9/2015 – Academic Board Meeting


Other and Continuing Activity:

  • Activity Report and Blog Preparation
  • Board Paper Research and Preparation
  • Reading and Noting for Academic Review Meetings
  • Reading and Noting for Academic Board Meeting

Next Month’s Planned Activities:

  • USASA Board Meeting
  • CISA International Students Dinner and Presentation
  • Academic Board Meeting

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