Postgraduate – August Activity Report

The month also involved activity surrounding the Student Ombudsman, and ensuring that performance of the Ombudsman is fair for students. The Ombudsman deals with student complaints, and a recent report issued to University Council has misrepresented some of the complaints and concerns raised previously by USASA about the Ombudsman. In addition to raising a complaint at Council, this month involved significant planning around taking action to ensure that Ombudsman performance is fair for all students.
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President – August Activity Report

This month my time has been split between my ongoing responsibilities of University Council, Appeals, meetings with key staff of the University and so on. The two major events that required quite a bit of my time this month was overseeing the communication for the September UniSA/USASA Liaison Group as that is the Committee we submit our proposed Budget to. The second event was something I had overheard from a BUE student and how the University was re-structuring the Division so that there would be shorter semesters along with a shift to trimesters. Follow up meetings found that structure was no longer the case, and while the currently drafted schedule looks beneficial, I believe that USASA should take an active part in the student consultation process of this possible re-structure.

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