Magill – August Activity Report

It’s been a hectic time of year this past month – anyone undertaking courses through OUA in conjunction with their studies, keep in mind the study periods don’t match ours!

It has also been a busy month for USASA, with UniSA Open Day, Magill at Twilight, and lots of exciting projects on the go.

Open Day was an absolute blast again this year, and we as reps got to meet and give info to lots of potential students while also providing them with delicious donuts and fairy floss. It was fantastic to see so many people so enthusiastic about starting (or continuing) their university journey.

As a campus rep for Magill, I also had the pleasure to meet future Magillians at Magill at Twilight, introduce them to our counter, services and staff and go on a tour- after 5 years at UniSA there was still new places to see and it was great to see the facilities some of the other schools use.

The month ahead will be a bit more serious, with representative roles to be undertaken on some UniSA boards and some projects underway regarding student complaints and procedures, but both parts of this role are rewarding and I wouldn’t have one without the other.


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