International Student – August Activity Report

For the past two months, I was in Lameroo, SA for my final year placement as a nursing student. During those period, I still attend Board meeting via phone conference and keeping track with student advocacy complaints via email-add. However, the commencement of new role as an International Student (IS) Rep 16 of Aug has led to a new focus of seeking ideas and building a bridge between IS understanding on the local Australian work, lifestyle and play culture. 

If you have a brilliant thinking cap, please do not hesitate to contact me or drop me an email. Just a short background on what I did recently. I have attended Council of International Student Association (CISA) conference in early July this year. If you have not heard of it, just google up (CISA) and you will find heaps of information of the organisation which is very important to IS. 

Future plans:-

1) Establish a booth and face-face short conversation on IS issue within UniSA (mid Sept-Oct)

2) Encourage IS engagement and involvement (Sept-Nov)

3) Explain the role of International Student rep to students (Sept-Dec)


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