City West – July Activity Report

This past month has been a bit quiet for me as well as a little stressful. It has been stressful because I haven’t had a shift at either of my two jobs for 3 weeks.

A couple of months ago I joined UniSA’s League of Legends Club and at this time they weren’t active apart from their Facebook page. However during the last month the club has started to become active and held a club meeting which I attended.

9/7/15 (1.5hours) – UniSA League of Legends Club meeting:

This club isn’t properly functional. Being new to the club I was surprised to find out that this meeting was the second held this year. Those who attended the meeting (6 excluding myself) didn’t know how committee/board meetings ran or anything. They wanted to have a President and Vice President, but then also a Chairperson and Vice Chairperson. There was supposed to be a new AGM held on the 23/7/15 as well (which I put in apologies for), but no one went. There wasn’t even a room booked for it.


For clubs such as this one that are largely inactive or have little knowledge on how meeting are run, etc. It could be a good idea for stricter rules or criteria that need to be met for them to remain a USASA affiliated club. For example a minimum number of meetings per main teaching period to be held with minutes to be forwarded to USASA as supporting evidence. Also compulsory training sessions on how to run a club and how committees work for inexperienced executive members.

9/7/15 (30 minutes) – Visual Arts Grad Show Committee (UniSA Visual Arts Students’ Club)

Attended a regular committee meeting however this one was shorter than usual due to poor turnout. During the mid-year break there has been less students attending meetings, but this one didn’t have a quorum so we were not able to make any decisions.



14/7/15 – Election Regulations Sub-Committee Meeting

14/7/15 – USASA Board Meeting

Continuous Activity:

  • Correspondence
  • Activity Report preparation

Next Month’s Planned Activities:

  • 6/8/15 Formal Inquiry
  • 6/8/15 Grad Show Committee Meeting
  • 11/8/15 Election Regulations Sub-Committee Meeting
  • 11/8/15 USASA Board Meeting
  • 13/8/15 Grad Show Committee Meeting
  • 16/8/15 City West Campus Open Day stall shift
  • 19/8/15 Formal Inquiry
  • 20/8/15 Formal Inquiry
  • 20/8/15 Grad show Committee Meeting
  • 27/8/15 Grad Show Committee Meeting
  • 31/8/15 Academic Review Appeals Preminary Meeting

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