City West – August Activity Report

With Study Period 5 well underway, students are back on campus and so am I (as much as I can). Although due to my new job on weekdays the amount of time I can be on campus is more limited than in the past (having to leave Uni by 1:30pm to get to get ready and head to work). So now looking for a new way to interact with students, possibly a weekly session in the library where I book a room and students are able to come talk to a Campus Rep. in an informal environment.

I also came down sick for a bit over a week and was absent on campus/in classes for a week during this time. I also had to decline to attend a formal inquiry because of this.

Open Day @ City West Campus:

Open day went well, there where many visitors to the campus on the day. I spoke to a number of prospective students as well as their friends and family about USASA. What we do, who we are, about our advocacy service for students and about clubs. There was a fair amount of interest in the types of clubs there are and also about our advocacy service from students. The USASA branded bottle opener keyrings were definitely a hit as well as notepads and jellybeans.

I did noticed some confused looks as some visitors walked past us trying to figure out who we were. A possible suggestion for next is clearer signage. For example displaying a banner across the front of the table with “University of South Australia Student Assoctiation” on it instead of our acronym “USASA” so as to introduce future students to us clearer and introduce the acronym in the background. Helping them to identify us straight away.


  • 11/8/2015 – Election Regulations Sub-Committee Meeting
  • 11/8/2015 – USASA Board Meeting
  • 14/8/2015 – Formal Inquiry Meeting
  • 19/8/2015 – Formal Inquiry Meeting
  • 20/8/2015 – Formal Inquiry Meeting
  • 31/8/2015 – Academic Review Appeals Preliminary Meeting

Continuous Activity:

  • Correspondence
  • Activity Report Preparation
  • Reviewing and taking notes to refer back to for Academic Review and Formal Inquiry Meetings

Next Month’s Planned Activities:

  • 8/9/2015 – Election Regulations Sub-Committee Meeting
  • 8/9/2015 – USASA Board Meeting
  • 17/9/2015 – USASA’s 21st Party
  • 21/9/2015 – Academic Review Appeals Interviews Meeting

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