City East – August Activity Report

It’s been another awesome month at Uni SA and USASA. Personally I have been up in Tailem Bend at Coorong District Council doing my placement for Urban and Regional Planning. It’s been a blast getting hands on with helping build a community. I’m sure I’ll update those goings on as the year progresses. It’s meant that I haven’t had as much time to hang out at the campus and chat with students as I’d like, but I am always there in spirit and only a phone-call or an email away!

As far as USASA stuff goes I am super excited about the art wall for city east that I have been trying to put together for a while. It can be a little bit slow to get the Uni on board for such things but they have been great in supporting my idea and giving me some advice and space to make it happen. So watch this space as I’m sure it wont be long now until students are making their mark, not just at Uni SA but on it. Also there is some interest in getting similar student art walls at other campuses so if you’re not at city east, don’t sweat, you’ll get your chance too!

Summary of Activities

11/8/15 – Board Meeting

We had another constructive board meeting, was a bit of a marathon with some really important presentations but we still managed to get some excellent discussions done and some great decisions made. Another example of the USASA board getting things done and moving things forward for the students at Uni SA.

11/8/15 – Election Regulations Committee

The Election Regs Crew met up again this month to (almost) finalize our new layout for future USASA elections. Despite not having our Glorious Leader Louise at the meeting we did have all her hard work to go off and went through some final thoughts about the way elections should run. Hopefully, after we make sure the board is on board, we can get the new regulations put in place and have a smooth, respectful but spirited round of elections when they come up later in the year!

12/8/15 – Art Wall Research

Put my head into the wall and had a think about how best we could work out the Student Art Wall for City East Campus. I did a bunch of research into prices, material and layouts for the practical side of things. A trip to Bunnings as well as a local art gallery ‘Tooth and Nail’ set me on the right path.  As well as that I spent some time coming up with some ideas for names and how to market the idea. I am working on the name ‘Make Your Mark’ for the project, but am always open to suggestions from those more creative and witty than I.
14/8/15 – Art Wall Meeting
Met up to talk art wall with campus management and our very own General Manager Daniel ‘Dandy Randy’ Randell. It was a very constructive meeting and great to hear the university is on board with the idea and happy to have this as an ongoing project.
16/8/15 – Open Day
Chatted to students and helped sling sausages at the Uni SA City East open day. Was great to be back on my campus for the first time in a couple of weeks and to get in touch with the upcoming stock of Uni SA students. There were some very excited prospective students as well as some great musicians and particularly talented young guy of about 12 who destroyed me in a table tennis match.  All in all a great day.


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