Magill – August Activity Report

This month was really exciting, as it’s UniSA “Open August”, with lots of exciting events available for prospective UniSA students to attend, as well as for current students and staff to enjoy. I’ve also been working hard with the election regulations committee to get our new election regulations ready for the upcoming USASA elections in October. Below is a picture of Ant (Magill representative) and I, at the Open Day stall at City West campus.


07/08/15 – Reviewed draft election regulations and provided feedback to committee

The election regulations committee is working on a new version of the regulations before USASA’s next election period in October 2015. This month I read through our new draft of the regulations and sent some detailed feedback via email to Arthur, the USASA board’s legal adviser.

11/08/15 – USASA board meeting

I attended the board meeting via phone-call this month, as I was not able to physically attend the meeting. I was excited to hear about the development of the new USASA blog, which we are implementing for the first time this month!

12/08/15 – Quick visit to Brekkie Bar for Blue Stockings week

Blue Stockings week is a time to campaign for and celebrate women’s participation in higher education. Blue Stockings week is focused on education but also explores other women’s rights such as reproductive rights and equal rights at work. I attended Brekkie Bar at the Magill campus, and walked around The Caf offering free blueberry muffins to women who were around. I spoke to these women about Blue Stockings week, and also about the UniSA Womens Collective club. It was a great opportunity to talk to students at Magill.

12/08/15 – Visit to Magill counter

I visited the Magill counter for a longer period of time and had my lunch with some of the students who were sitting in the room.

12/08/15 – Contact with a UniSA club and Rebekka Rechten

I had a club member contact me because they needed assistance in getting copies of documents which they had misplaced. I called Rebekka to see if she had copies of these documents (because she keeps information about all USASA clubs) and arranged for these copies to be emailed to the club. This assisted the club and they didn’t lose any of their documents.

16/08/15 – Shift at City West for Open day!

I completed a shift at the USASA booth for UniSA’s open day. The whole campus had a great vibe and it was great chatting to many prospective UniSA students about the services we provide.

26/08/15 – Assistance at Magill counter for Magill @ Twilight

I spent an hour at the Magill counter during Magill @ Twilight, which is like “Open Night” at Magill. I helped set up the counter with lots of freebies (pens, stickers, bottle-openers, chuppa-chups, sticky notes). As UniSA volunteers took groups of prospective students and parents on tours of the campus, we greeted the groups as they came past the USASA counter. I spoke to students about the services that USASA provides, as well as the specific services that we have at Magill (such as the kitchenette with free tea and coffee, and the area that students can hang-out in.

Continuous activities    

Preparation of activity report

Visits to Magill counter to engage with students (shorter visits – popping into the counter for 10-20 minutes)

Student engagement on campus and via Facebook

Next month’s planned activities             

08/09/15 – USASA board meeting

08/09/15 – Election regulations committee meeting

17/09/15 – USASA 21st birthday party!


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