Magill – July activity report

This month encompassed the end of study period 2 and the beginning of study period 5. During the SP2 exam period, I volunteered at USASA’s ExaminAID stall, which is located at the Adelaide Showgrounds while exams are on. I enjoyed being able to assist students with last minute issues such as needing a pencil, directions, or just wanting to have a chat. As study period 5 begins, it has been great to see so many students on campus eager to begin the new semester. The Magill counter seems quite busy, and students are interested in the new “Noodle” initiative started by Ant, where students can pay $1 for a cup of instant noodles. Due to the four-week semester break this month, there have not been events on campus, and there are also many less students on campus. Therefore there has been less activity this month, however I have endeavoured to engage with students who have been on campus during the break.

 04/07/15 – ExaminAID Shift 12:30-5:30

I completed a shift at ExaminAID. I think that the ExaminAID stall which USASA has at the showgrounds is a great way to show support for students during the exam period.

07/07/15 – Feedback regarding ExaminAID to Stephanie Jarema

I responded to Stephanie’s email regarding feedback about ExaminAID. I think that ExaminAID is improving each year and that staff and students all did a great job.


That USASA continues to request feedback from student representatives and staff after all events. This allows USASA to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the event, and how to improve.

14/07/15 – Election regulations committee meeting 

During this meeting we prepared for our presentation of the draft elections to the USASA board.

14/07/15 – USASA board meeting 

Continuous activities    

Preparation of activity report

Visits to Magill counter to engage with students

Student engagement – maintaining contact with students via Facebook messenger, talking to students in the hallways, and catching up with students for coffees at Aroma café

Next month’s planned activities             

16/08/15 – Open day – Shift at City West

08/09/15 – USASA board meeting

08/09/15 – Election regulations committee meeting


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